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Ackerly Furniture Assembly

There is no reason to take chances when it comes to your home furnishings. Whether you’re putting together a new bedroom suite or updating your living room, make sure your furniture arrives in the same condition as the day it was delivered. Make sure all of your pieces of furniture are in good, working order before you start assembling. With quality pieces, your new living space should last for many years. Furniture assembly isn’t difficult, but there are some steps that can make the process easier. Here’s how to put together dresser and furniture moving jigs.

Many pieces of furniture come in standard sizes and colors. It can be difficult to figure out the correct size and shape when looking at an item in person. To make the process easier, consult an expert at a local retailer that sells furnishing equipment. Depending on the company’s hourly rates, you could pay up to 75 per hour for your furniture assembly needs.

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An everyday fabric scraper and a sharp knife are must-have tools when working with fabric. Depending on the type of item you’re assembling, your fabric scraper may need to be replaced every few hours. Working directly with the edges of the fabric is not recommended, so bring along a small, non-sharp object for scraping into the crevices of each piece. Your furniture assembler may suggest a rubber mallet or hammer, depending on the material you’re working with.

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A hammer is the most common tool used by furniture assemblers. Use the appropriate sized tool for the item you need to assemble. If you’re assembling a sofa, a wood block might suffice. A heavy duty screwdriver is useful for getting into tight places where an air compressor is not accessible, but you may need to rent one from your local movers in order to complete the job successfully.

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A tape measure is essential for accurately measuring the items you’re assembling. Measuring cups and spoons are generally included in the rental package you receive if you arrange to rent furniture assembly professionals from the same company you plan to purchase the pieces from. Depending on the size and type of item you’re assembling, your local movers will provide you with an assortment of measuring devices. These include metal tape measures, measuring tapes and digital ones that allow you to highlight in black and white areas exactly what you’ve measured.

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It’s important to take your time when assembling furniture. Furniture assemblers don’t have the advantage of seeing the item you are working on in its completed state, so it pays to pay attention while putting the pieces together. Furniture can often be confusing and disconcerting, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re seating each piece correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while putting furniture together, and your furniture assembly professional should be happy to answer them as well.

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One common problem that occurs is when a customer buys disassembled furniture and then has it put together incorrectly, usually because they tried to fit two pieces together. This often happens when a person has purchased a piece that doesn’t come with the proper instructions, or when they try to fit a third piece into place when there’s only one piece available. The disassembled furniture may not function correctly, but most local movers should be able to help you out by returning your pieces to you, or by providing free professional support. Before you buy disassembled furniture, check your receipt or call your local movers and find out exactly how your piece can be put together correctly.

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Furniture assembly may seem like a big job, but in reality, most people can assemble their own items, especially if they have some basic furniture assembly skills and experience. Local disassembly services are great ways to save money, because the amount of time spent putting everything together is much less than the cost of buying new furniture. Even if you don’t have much experience with furniture assembly, many local movers offer disassembly services to get rid of excess items, or because they have too much for the storage space in their warehouse. The great thing about local disassembly services is that their employees are usually very helpful and will help you figure out exactly how to put your pieces together correctly and safely. If you’ve been struggling to store all of your belongings, disassembly services are the perfect solution for you.