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Furniture moving can be a big job if not done properly. Finding the right professional mover to do it for you can be difficult. Great guys can also help you locate furniture movers nearby, so that you don’t need to struggle up the stairs or pound that dresser down the hallway. Networking with local furniture moving companies can save you time and headaches when you need to move your furniture quickly.

Whether you’re packing for a large family or just moving your kid’s closet, there are some basic steps you need to take before your begin to move any household appliances or furniture. In order to properly pack your belongings, start by measuring each piece by using a tape measure and a pencil to ensure accurate placement. You will also need to purchase special furniture sliders that fit most pieces of furniture, or larger appliances. With these lightweight pieces, you can slide your heavier items onto the furniture sliders and then the lighter ones on top of them.

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Before you officially begin moving, make sure you have planned every detail out, especially things that involve you being out of your house while your moving company makes the move. This way, if anything does happen to go wrong, you have already taken care of it. Keep a list of your in-home furniture moving supplies and a list of any special gear or tools that you may need during your move. This way, if something goes wrong, you won’t waste precious time finding a supplier for the missing pieces.

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Another important factor in packing for moving is your health. Do you have any particular medications or physical conditions that could create issues during movement? If so, be sure to notify your local furniture movers of these needs before the move. Some physical problems, such as arthritis and heart disease, are easily corrected using furniture sliders. If you are unsure whether or not a particular appliance will pose a problem during movement, ask your local movers if they offer medication support.

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If you use furniture sliders, rather than lifting each appliance on its own, you will save yourself valuable time during the move. This method is far more convenient than lugging heavy objects on your own body! Lift one of the in-home furniture gliders and place it on the floor next to the item you are moving, and lift the other one over the first one. This will allow you to slide the heavy item onto the furniture glider and then onto the ground. Then, place the second item on top of the first one, and the two will lock together, providing ample space to carry both your appliances and anything else that might be needed during the move.

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One important thing to remember when moving your items is to protect furniture from damage during transport. You can purchase moving blankets that are specially designed to protect your moving furniture during transport. These blankets should be between three to five inches thick and made of thick, washable cotton fabric or a similar material. They should be folded tightly so that they maintain their shape during transportation and should be tied securely with tape to avoid falling off while on the moving truck.

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Furniture that is too large to fit on the floors in your home should be packed very tightly and placed on low shelves or racks. The weight of moving furniture can cause the edges to pull away from the walls, which could damage your other fragile flooring. The best way to avoid this is to stack all pieces on low shelves, and to tape strips along the bottoms of all boxes to prevent them from becoming damaged. It’s also a good idea to label the boxes so that you will know where each piece goes during the move.

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Furniture that is too heavy to move by yourself should be considered by a professional mover. Even if the job seems easier than you think, professional movers have the experience and equipment needed to move even the largest pieces. They also know how to handle the situation as safely as possible. Before you hire a professional mover, ask to see their portfolio, or request to see pictures of previous jobs. Hiring a professional mover is usually the best way to move all of your heavy furniture.