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Although it’s possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommend using local piano movers. For something as valuable and complex as this, it’s best to leave it in the hands of the pros. You can easily find a local moving company that provides piano moving services at reasonable rates, and most can even include piano moving into a complete family move. Here are some basic tips to follow when you move a piano.

Before you move the piano, you’ll want to ensure that it will be safe to move. This means that it should not be weighed down too heavily, as if too much weight is put on one side of the object, it may become unstable. Start by removing the cushions from underneath. You can use a dolly to remove them or if you prefer, simply remove them by hand. When you have the piano dismantled, you should measure it from base to pedestal, then decide how much weight you wish to remove.

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Local piano movers will know exactly how to proceed with each stage of moving the piano, so be sure to ask them to first weigh down the objects before proceeding. Most local piano movers are used to doing this and will not charge for it. Even if they charge a little extra for the heavy objects being lifted (since they don’t usually break into pieces), it’s usually minimal. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

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The next step involves lifting and moving the pianos to different locations. Local movers will be experienced in using dollies and cranes to lift pianos, so feel free to ask them about their experience. Be sure to include any special needs or requests that you may have for the moving company. Ask about any kind of lifting restrictions due to any particular items with weights. Make sure you know what your responsibilities will be when the time arrives to move the piano to your new location.

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Prior to the move itself, you’ll need to carefully check all items in your home to ensure that they are safe. All piano moving companies take responsibility for thoroughly inspecting your home and ensuring that all fragile items are removed. This includes your picture frames and any valuable heirlooms. If you do plan on hiring piano movers, it’s important that they also check these items for you before the move begins. You never know when something could be damaged in transit and require immediate repairs or replacements.

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The actual cost factors will vary depending on distance moved, type of piano and additional equipment. For example, a grand piano that is seven feet long will cost more to move than a standard-sized upright. The cost factors will also vary by moving company type. Some move at a faster pace than others and some will charge extra for the distance moved. This is why it’s best to make a list of what items you want moved, when the move will occur and the total amount that you are willing to pay.

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Dampness is another major factor to consider when considering moving your piano. Moisture can severely damage wood and will require professional movers to move your piano in a dry area. Again, the price will increase for larger pieces and more moisture resistance. If you don’t have a choice, then hiring regular movers would probably be your best option.

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The best professionals will always include dismantling and reassembling in their services. It’s often included as part of the service because it takes a skilled individual to dismantle the instrument safely without causing damage to it. Reputable movers will take care of dismantling and reassembling safely and effectively. Make sure they have proof of qualifications and insurance documentation for dismantling and reassembling your instrument. Most pros will provide a dismantle and reassembling checklist with complete instructions so that you don’t waste precious time or money on finding a pro that doesn’t know how to effectively dismantle and reassemble a piano.