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Andrews County Mattress Moving

Mattress moving is one of the most common and simple ways of relocating your mattress from one place to another. A mattress moving box is one that stands true to the name; it’s a big plastic moving bag with wheels that allows you to move your mattress securely. Mattresses are large, bulky objects and they need to be carefully moved. In addition, it takes more effort than moving a flat screen TV. If this is the first time encountering the word ‘mattress moving box’, then you must know that mattress moving boxes are usually manufactured with heavy-duty plastic and are made to fit all sizes of mattresses; whether full twin or king-sized mattress.

Mattress moving is one of the simplest forms of transporting goods, yet one of the most essential. Whether you’re relocating a mattress or a full sized bed, the importance of packaging and transporting it correctly cannot be stressed enough. So how to move a mattress? This article will tell you how.

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First off, before you even start, learn about the size and weight of your mattress and the moving supplies you’ll be using for the move. Contact a licensed moving supply company and ask for free packing and transportation estimates for moving your mattress. Ask questions about the size of the bed and what kind of framing material is used. Many movers offer a free quote based on the dimensions you provide. You should also contact local bed and breakfast owners as well as apartment or condo owners to ask them for advice on packing and moving supplies. Many of these individuals will be able to give you invaluable advice that may save you time and aggravation during the move.

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When contacting a moving company, arrange for them to first hold the actual mattress and pack it according to your instructions before taking it to your new home. They will then load it into an enclosed moving truck, which is part of their service. Some movers charge more than others, and it’s important that you know exactly what you can afford before settling on one. The better informed you are, the easier it will be for you to compare costs of various moving companies.

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If you’ve ever had to move a mattress, you know the importance of proper packaging. Mattresses must be packaged in their original boxes, and all packing materials must be disposable. In addition, the tape should be used to cover all openings and edges to prevent scratches and damage. Do not use tape that adheres only to top and bottom corners of the box. The tape needs to be even all the way around the mattress, as you never know what may be hidden in those crevices. Mattresses should also be wrapped in plastic, and any padding or cushioning should be removed.

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As with any fragile household item, you should never move a mattress by yourself. Even if you have experience moving mattresses, this task is complicated. It’s best left to professionals, and the only reason you would want to move a mattress by yourself is if you absolutely have no idea how to do so. For safety purposes, any mattress moving company worth its salt will offer some form of protection for your possessions, such as a box or crate to place all of your belongings in while they are being moved.

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A professional moving company will always provide you with a list of pros and cons before they start work. They will discuss everything from the size of your truck to the size of the mattress to determine which method of moving is the best for you. Since mattresses tend to be rather heavy, you may need to rent or purchase a small dolly to move it with minimal assistance. Moving a mattress this large would require at least two movers, one to strap the mattress to the moving truck and another to lift it into the truck. If you are considering hiring movers to move your mattress, be sure that they have the equipment to perform this move safely.

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One important piece of information you need to know before hiring a mattress moving company is what happens to your items during transportation. Most companies will provide you with a list of items that can and cannot be transported. Naturally, some of your most expensive furnishings like a bed and/or dresser would not be eligible for transport. You will also want to request copies of any receipts or invoices for anything that you wish to return. This is to protect yourself from paying more than the moving truck was worth in the first place, or from getting items you don’t want, or need, transported to your new home. If you take the time to ask questions, ask for a complete inventory of all items that are being transported, and pack your mattress carefully when you move it, you should end up with a moving experience that was both easy and inexpensive.