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It can be difficult to find just the right furniture delivery company. Full-service moving means a truck is already scheduled to come to your home, the furniture is loaded/ unloaded/assembled on site by experienced staff, and then put in your newly purchased room exactly where you would like it. This is usually the highest-quality experience when it comes to furniture moving services. But full-service isn’t always the best choice for everyone. If you are considering full-service furniture moving, here are some tips to help you determine whether moving service is right for you:

Does this service include new home packing? Do they send the furniture pieces packed? Is there an additional fee for shipping furniture to the new home? These are all questions you should ask about when it comes time to arrange furniture delivery. Many full-service packers will include new home and shipping insurance with your furniture delivery. Insurance will help protect the new home and any items inside of it, and will also make the new home easier to move.

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What about furniture delivery in the city? You can save money by shopping for furniture in the city, but not everyone enjoys the long, drawn-out time needed for transporting furniture from their current location to the delivery location. Some people prefer the flexibility of a full-service moving company that includes a truck, drivers, and trucks. Other people simply don’t like the idea of long journeys to the new furniture destination. For these individuals, furniture shipping in the city might be the ideal solution.

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Will you be needing special-sized furniture for your new home? Not all delivery locations deliver furniture that is the right size. If you require specialty furniture or want your furniture to be slightly larger than the furniture at your local store, there are furniture delivery options available. Contact your preferred store to see if they have any special-sized furniture items that are delivered. Many stores now have specialty furniture departments devoted to various sizes and shapes.

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It is not uncommon for furniture delivery services to increase in size in July of 2017. Specialty store chains are experiencing a surge in interest for large pieces and may order more furniture during July of this year. Many large department stores also choose to add extra furniture shelves in July of this year as well.

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Other common complaints about furniture delivery include broken or missing furniture. Many customers want their furniture to arrive in the same condition it was when they received it. If you’re unsure about how long a furniture delivery could take, call the store you purchased the item from to find out. If the store does not offer free shipping for same day delivery, many items are shipped for next day delivery in the continental United States. The fastest way is still typically through your local post office, however.

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Furniture can also break down during transportation. Sometimes, this happens because the truck that is carrying your furniture will experience a breakdown somewhere along the way. Some customers are Andrewsd to learn that many free shipping options do not offer free shipping on broken or damaged furniture. Other options are only available on trucks that offer this service. In order to get your furniture quickly, some customers are willing to pay a premium for custom delivery. If you have items that are not damaged but require special attention, you may wish to look into adding services that will help you with this issue.

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Furniture delivery is often a hassle for some customers. If you have items in mind to be delivered in July, see if your local store offers free same-day delivery. In addition to expedited delivery, many of these same-day or next-day deliveries also offer free shipping on your entire order.