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Piano moving is quite an undertaking; it takes time and energy to transport a piano from one location to another. It also requires the help of professional movers who have the required expertise to move an instrument of this size and complexity without damaging it. For those who cannot afford professional movers, local moving companies provide professional moving services at competitive rates. However, there are a few things that people should keep in mind before sending their piano to be moved.

Local Piano Moving Cost Typically, the moving prices for local piano moving are lower than long distance piano moving as no special equipment is required. A local moving price range is around $100 to about 300 for an average-sized piano. It should be noted that the price would vary based on the size and weight of the piano. A local moving company may also charge you for services provided outside their premises, such as packing, loading and unloading, if they do not provide it free of charge. Local moving companies may also provide free quotes on their charges so that you can get an idea of what the prices of local moving jobs are.

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Move a Piano Dolly Another important tool in moving a piano is a dolly. The dolly is specially designed to lift and place a piano inside a truck and can move the piano safely and smoothly with little or no physical effort on the part of the mover. The dolly is attached to the truck with chains so that the dolly is securely fastened to the truck while it is being moved. To protect your expensive instrument, it is recommended that you purchase a durable moving dolly that can withstand the rigors of loading and unloading your piano.

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Freight Companies There are many moving companies that specialize in piano moving. The rates offered by these companies are usually cheaper than the rates offered by local movers, although they do not provide as much assistance. Before hiring a local movers, check whether the company provides special insurance coverage for piano moving.

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Internet Services Most modern day moving companies have online websites that make it very easy for customers to communicate with movers in case of inquiries and to request estimates. Many websites allow customers to place online bids for certain household goods long distance, and some allow customers to view the property before making a decision. Most piano moving companies use the internet as one of their primary tools for communication and information gathering. This makes it easier for people to request estimates and to track down movers quickly when the time comes.

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Calling the Movers If you decide to move the piano yourself, you can call around to local moving companies and ask them to help you move the piano around. You might need help getting the piano into the truck and will have to purchase special piano door or window covers if you are unable to drive the piano around. Many movers offer this service. If you are unable to perform the move on your own, and find difficulty in reaching the origin of the piano or if the origin is far from your home, you should call the movers to provide assistance.

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Hiring a Piano Tractor The easiest way to move an upright piano is to hire a professional piano mover to do the job. Although there are a few things you will have to do, hiring a professional will allow you to sleep more soundly at night. A piano tractor is designed to move a piano smoothly and securely, while leaving its origins undamaged. The flat top of the piano is the foundation on which the tractor is based. Other moving requirements that must be taken into account include the positioning of the piano seat and its proximity to the rear wheels of the moving truck.

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When you decide to move the upright piano, you must plan how far the move will take and how long it will take. Moving a grand piano can be complicated and take a longer time than the move of an upright piano. The reason for this is that the weight and size of a grand piano is much larger than that of an upright piano. The moving platform must be sturdy enough to lift the instrument while protecting it at the same time. The moving truck needs to be large enough to accommodate the grand piano, as well as the piano furniture, such as the piano keys, uprights and sub-assembly.