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Andrews Pool Table Moving

When you need to move some heavy, bulky and expensive things such as pool tables, pianos and sofas, you better call professional movers. You can reduce the risk for injuries and damages when you get Pool Table Moving Company along with you. Professional movers will provide you safety guidelines to follow while moving the heavy items.

Your Pool Table Moving Company will ensure that your Pool Tables is properly delivered to your house or office. The moving company is also equipped with licensed professionals who know how to disassemble and assemble your table, and they have the appropriate tools for that purpose. They use special tools such as the sphere disassembler and the ball return system for table disassembling, and they will place small pieces inside the pockets of your table. These pockets are designed so that the moving parts can’t be obstructed and they are easily accessible.

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Before moving the pool table from one place to another, the pool table moving company will test the device to make sure that it is in good condition. This way, the professionals can make any necessary repairs and changes that are required once the table is at another location. It is important for you to know that when the moving company disassemble and assemble your table, they follow the strictest safety guidelines to ensure that the moving device and your body are not injured during the process. There are many precautions taken by the moving professionals, such as securing the moving platform and making certain that no one gets into the moving area.

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When you hire movers, you need to ensure that all the requirements of the movers are fulfilled. For example, if you require them to have a place on the moving day where the movers can rest while the table is being moved, you should specify this when discussing your needs with the movers. In addition, the moving company should inform you about their services and charges prior to the moving day. If there is anything that is unclear to you, ask the movers about it.

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One of the best moving tips that professional moving companies offer to homeowners is to get an estimate before hiring movers. Pool tables are heavy equipment, and this means that the distance that the machine needs to travel is often longer than what the estimated time is. Therefore, the estimates offered to homeowners must be accurate, but there are some companies that provide very reasonable estimates. Furthermore, there are a number of moving companies that offer to provide their customers with an hourly rate, which is much less expensive than estimating by miles.

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Professional movers also offer other moving tips that can make the relocation much easier. These include reminding people to unplug appliances that they might be carrying or rearranging furniture in order to create more space. Many people also find it helpful to arrange for someone to be watching their pets during the move. If all else fails, many movers offer complimentary pet moves as well. Therefore, getting a moving company that offers these additional moving tips can make the moving day go much smoother.

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When learning how to move a pool table, the first step involves unscrewing the legs. Then, the next step is to remove the base, which is held together by staples or strong tape. It is important to note that a staple remover will prove useful in taking apart this piece of furniture. In addition, the homeowner will need to unscrew the feet, and then take apart the stand that supports the base.

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One of the main reasons why people are unable to successfully move these tables from one location to another is because they use only one-piece slate. When moving these, it is important to apply adhesive on the bottom surface of the tables and to ensure that the edges are properly trimmed. Since there are several steps involved, it is important to ensure that this job is done right the first time. In addition, if the homeowner wishes to move these tables, it is crucial to have them covered with a quality moving material that will protect the slate and prevent damage during the move.