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Arcade Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress? Have You Already learnt how to move a refrigerator? Well, not all refrigerators come in the same shape, size and design. This makes it complicated for people who need to move mattresses because they can’t tell whether or not it will fit in the existing location. A mattress bag is one which stands firm to its name; it’s a heavy plastic bag with straps to secure your mattress to the baseboard or refrigerator.

When it comes to moving a bed, it gets a little more complex because it contains more things. If this is your very first encounter dealing with the phrase moving a mattress, you must know that mattress bags are manufactured to accommodate not only all sizes of beds; it also comes with heavy-duty, durable plastic and is designed to accommodate even the largest mattresses; from queen, full, twin, king to a Texas king mattress. The mattress bag has two shoulder straps and a four-wheel swivel to facilitate easy movement. You might find the ratchet straps a little tough to handle but it’s worth the strain for the convenience and ease it provides. These particular features make the bag ideal for any moving activities.

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The next question that may cross your mind is “What if I’m not moving a mattress but a moving van?” What if you’re just relocating a bed or a sofa? The question can be the same as that of moving a mattress, there are different ways to transport both types of furniture, but with a difference. For example, when you’re transporting a sofa, there are three main methods. This includes the conventional trolley system, West Texas Master Movers LLC or stairlift and the truck mounted unit.

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For sofa transportation, you will require a conventional trolley system. It consists of two long poles that connect to a center post that’s vertically supported by rectangular steel posts. Two wheels are included and they’re fixed to the floor. The long pole is attached to the rear of the trolley and this frame forms the base of the sofa. You’ll have to remove the cushions manually in order to get at the springs, screws and fabric.

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When dealing with mattress, West Texas Master Movers LLC or stairlift is considered to be the conventional way of moving mattresses because of the lightweight material used. This technique is done by connecting a series of floors to a platform that’s suspended from the ceiling of the warehouse. The platform can also be lowered by hydraulic winches using either counterbalance weights or hydraulic pistons. It’s a simple yet very efficient way to move a mattress from one floor to another, especially if the mattress weighs more than 20 pounds.

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When moving house by truck, most people think they have to hire a dolly, but they rarely know how to move a mattress securely on a dolly. In this case, it’s wise to hire professional truck drivers to take care of this process. They know how to move a mattress properly and securely so you don’t risk damaging the mattress or pillows or possibly injuring someone while transporting it. Mattress moving companies usually have dollies that are made of metal and this allows them to securely lift and carry the mattress without harming the mattress or pillows.

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Even if you are moving an old mattress, you still need to consider using special mattress moving straps that prevent the mattress from slipping on the truck bed while transporting it. In addition to special straps, you can choose to use plastic straddling trolleys that prevent the mattress from shifting when you are climbing down the stairs or unloading the truck. The important thing is to secure the mattress and ensure that the straps and any other moving accessories are safe. You don’t want to put anyone at risk when transporting the mattress. Also, make sure the truck is loaded securely because if it isn’t, it could cause the mattress to slip on the way to your new destination.

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It might be easier to move your mattress by yourself, but you can save a lot of money by hiring a professional mattress mover to do the job for you. If you do decide to do it on your own, it’s best to invest in quality mattress moving equipment such as dollies, straps and trampoline mats so you avoid accidents. After all, you don’t want to end up spending more money than necessary on moving supplies to make the move easier.