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There may be many times when an option other than traditional moving means is required due to the size or shape of a piano. Many people find that a local, short-distance piano mover service is the best choice. They understand the specialized needs of the customer and the equipment necessary for the job. Professional piano moving services from Expo Movers use all the right tools and equipment necessary to transport this large instrument safely to it’s new location. The following information provides guidelines on how to move a piano long distance.

Most moving companies provide flat rate estimates for long distance moving pianos. However, some local moving companies offer a flat rate with a percentage of the total moving cost that is charged for the moving pianos. Inquire, with the local piano movers about the exact flat rate. There are pros and cons to both estimates and it is important to compare the two before making any decision on the total cost of the move.

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Professional piano moving services will not use chainsaws on the piano or use anything that could damage the instrument. These professional movers will also have the equipment necessary to move delicate things such as pianos by using dollies. In addition, they will have someone on hand to inspect the piano while it is being moved so there is no chance of damage during the moving process. In the case of chainsaws being used, it is best to call the local authorities to make sure that the use of the equipment is not dangerous. This is a very important step in the moving process.

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There are a few different methods available when it comes to calculating the flat rate for a piano moving company. The flat rate is usually computed by determining the weight of the instrument, including its legs and all of the hardware and padding, and then adding four to five inches for the length of the instrument. If you are being moved using dollies, the length of the instrument can be figured out by subtracting the length of the piano’s legs from the total length.

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When you are comparing piano moving costs, it is a good idea to determine exactly how much time will be involved in the relocation process. This includes hours of driving to pick up and drop off the instrument at the local transfer facility. Many local movers will allow you to leave the vehicle in your driveway until the day arrives when the instrument will need to be unloaded and driven away. Some movers will even allow the driver to take the vehicle to the new home without loading it.

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In some cases, where the instrument is being moved on a short radius around its current location, the piano gets stopped several times to be cleaned and put back in its proper place. This is especially true if the piano gets broken up and dropped off somewhere like a farm. When this happens, the owner of the instrument will need to bring the broken piece of wood to the nearest repair shop, which can end up costing a lot of money because it will require several trips and hours of labor to get the instrument ready to play again.

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Blankets The moving cost of a piano will vary by the size and type of instrument, but there are a few accessories that are usually required during any move. If your piano is fairly large and you decide to move it using an open trailer, one of the most expensive things that you will have to buy is the blanket that will cover the instrument. There are many different types of blankets that are available, including those that fold flat and those that roll. You can purchase a blanket that is specifically designed for a piano, but if you don’t have the budget for a personalized blanket, there are several large sized blankets available that will do the job just fine.

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Upright pianos are among the heaviest and most fragile types of pianos, so they need to be carefully transported. One of the best ways to transport an upright piano safely is with a dolly, which is a special padded moving cart that is specially designed to move upright pianos. If you use a dolly, you can rest your arm on its console while it is being moved, so you won’t risk hurting yourself if the move is a little bumpy. Another accessory that you should consider investing in is a piano mover. Piano movers can help move your instrument from one room to another, whether it is across town or across country.