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Whether you have purchased an entire house, an apartment, or just a few things and furniture, there comes a time when you will need to move heavy furniture. Heavy furniture is usually the result of buying an older home or flat, purchasing multiple pieces over time, or having a lot of belongings stored in a garage or basement somewhere. When you are trying to move heavy furniture, you may find yourself breaking it down and stacking it, or trying to maneuver it and wiggle it into place. It is also possible that the movers will damage your items or have to pull some of it on their own.

This can be very dangerous for you, as well as anyone else that is around when you move furniture like this. Luckily, moving heavy furniture is easier and safer when it is done by a professional moving company. You should look around and try to find a local mover that offers a good reputation for moving different kinds of furniture safely. You can also check with your Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them. It may also help to talk to people who have moved in the area before or to contact family members to see if they have any recommendations.

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Once you have some ideas of what kind of furniture you would like to move, you can call around to some local movers and ask about prices. You might even be lucky enough to find someone offering free estimates. They should be able to evaluate the size and weight of your furniture as well as how difficult it will be to move. Most local movers can do most types of furniture up to four times. You should be quoted for the total time the furniture will be up. This will also include packing and lifting, if the local movers recommend it.

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If the local movers estimate the move cost at least a dollar more than estimated, then you should raise your expectations. Make sure the movers are able to wrap the furniture for you and to remove any loose materials without damaging your belongings. The lift up truck can only remove the furniture from the location, so you will need to load it on a platform or carton and bring it to the new location. If your belongings need assembly, arrange it at the new location for easy picking up. Professional movers can arrange this along with the other parts of the move.

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When you are moving large items such as old furniture, heavy furniture and appliances, you should provide plenty of ventilation. Some people keep their furniture in garage sheds and outdoors during cold seasons. For spring and summer, the furniture should be moved indoors. During winter, you can store your heavy furniture inside in the basement. Make sure there is enough heat in the basement to keep your items warm.

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Before the movers arrive, you will want to protect your furniture from damage. This includes arranging the furniture for protection. Cover the furniture and boxes with plastic sheets or newspaper. Seal the moving boxes and use heavy duty tape to cover exposed wood. This will prevent water damage to your belongings. It is especially important not to leave heavy furniture outside overnight, as wind, snow and ice may damage your furniture.

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Most movers specialize in commercial moves that include packing, lifting and moving. You should make several arrangements with them so you know everything will be taken care of. Find out if damages can be made before the move begins. It is also a good idea to take pictures of your furniture, appliances, boxes and other items to help identify them once the move is over.

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When you rent a moving truck to make a move, you will have some extra cash for expenses. However, renting a moving truck is not just about the cost. It is about the safety and smoothness of the move as well. It is wise to choose a professional mover with experience in heavy furniture and home moves.