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Big Lake Mattress Moving

Usually, the very last thing to consider prior to moving is mattress moving, then the heavy bed must be disassembled, wrapped, and put carefully in a large moving box. But moving a mattress to your brand new house does not have to be so time consuming and stressful. Here, you can learn how to move a mattress with the following handy tips. Just follow the advice and get your mattress safely to your new house.

Before you move your mattresses, make sure your mattresses are not overstuffed. Over stuffed mattresses can pose a great danger for the truck as well as the furniture on the truck. So it is important that you unpack your mattresses completely to ensure no loose bits and compacted materials remain on the mattresses. As soon as mattresses are packed, place them in the large storage container where the truck can be placed.

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In order to ensure your mattress moving is safe and successful, it is wise to use experienced moving professionals. A professional mover company will know exactly how to move a mattress as quickly and efficiently as possible, preserving the safety of both the truck and all items inside. There are two different ways to transport a mattress; using a dolly or rolling duffle. The type of mattress to be moved is decided based on the size and weight of the mattress.

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Mattress moving by using a dolly can be accomplished quickly and easily as it only requires one set of wheels for the dolly, two sets of wheels for the mattress, a mattress bag, and a few plastic mattress covers. On the other hand, a move can be completed with only two movers and a mattress bag containing the mattress. Movers will need heavy duty plastic mattress covers to protect the mattress during transportation. The mattress bags are also needed to protect the mattress while it is being transported.

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Mattress moving by using a rolling duffle is similar to a dolly move, but involves more steps. The mattress must first be unloaded, and the sheet attached to it must then be put into the moving vehicle. Once the sheet is in the vehicle, movers will need heavy duty plastic bags or boxes to keep the mattress from getting wet while it is being moved. Then, all four corners of the mattress must be carefully patted dry using a cloth. After the patted dryness is complete, it is time to secure the plastic around the mattress using the plastic mattress cover.

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One of the simplest ways to move a mattress by yourself is to use a flatbed semi truck, or a flatbed truck and trailer. Flatbed semi trucks can accommodate up to three mattresses at a time. These flatbed semi trucks are available at most major truck dealerships. Another method of mattress moving that can be completed easily is using a dolly. This method involves using a dolly with a bed attached to the bottom of it.

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These types of vehicles can transport both single and multiple mattresses. It does not matter how the mattresses are being transported, but it is important for the mattresses to remain dry during the entire move. If the mattresses become wet, they can easily become ruined. This is why the moving professionals use thick plastic blankets or tarps to protect the mattresses.

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The purpose of the mattress protector bag is to protect the mattress while it is in transit. These padded bags are available at many retail stores. The size and material of the mattress protector bag should match those used on the beds in the moving truck. Plastic sheets or tarps are placed over the beds of the truck to protect them from spills that might occur.