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Moving a piano is a big responsibility especially if you are not an experienced mover. If you have just moved your piano from a local store or home to your new home, you might find out that there is a lot more involved with moving a piano than you thought. There are local piano movers that can do this job easily and fairly cost effectively. However, for a move with weight and size requirements you might need the services of a professional mover.

How to move a piano – The average moving price for piano moving costs is around $1,500. Piano moving costs depend on the following factors: Type of piano, Size and Weight of your piano. Pianos of heavy weight need more manpower and more packing materials to move around. Wider and lighter pianos cost less to move between point A to point B simply because it will take less time. The professional movers can pack your piano in a way that will protect it from getting damaged during the move.

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Cost of professional movers – The total moving cost will depend on many factors. The weight of the piano will determine how much does it cost to move it. Also, the local laws and requirements will factor into the total moving costs. A local piano mover that has experience in local laws and regulations may be able to offer you suggestions on how to save money on moving. This will allow you to be on a budget while still ensuring that your piano is safe.

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How heavy is your piano? A professional piano moving company will use professionally designed, heavy-duty piano moving equipment to move your piano. One big piece of equipment that they use is a 1,000 dolly unit. This unit is used to dolly a piano from one floor to another.

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Cost of mover rental – A good piano moving company is well versed at finding ways to cut costs when they have to move a piano across town. This cost is calculated in terms of both dollars and cents. Calculating the cost per mile is easy. You divide the distance traveled by the time it takes to get to the destination and then multiply this number by the average weight of the piano to get an approximate cost per mile. However, you must keep in mind that a lot of research goes into this number and you should make sure you are not getting charged for unneeded trips.

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Average Moving Cost – Many people will notice that the actual moving cost will vary from person to person. For that reason, it is important to calculate your own average moving cost. For upright pianos, the moving cost is usually cheaper because the upright is heavier than a cylinder upright. However, cylinder uprights are usually less expensive than uprights because of the cost to ship them.

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Moisture and Humidity – Most upright piano moving companies will only take their instruments in if they are completely empty of moisture and neither too hot nor too cold. When you are choosing a movers, ask how often they will inspect the item before the move. If they do not check it often, inquire about what the moving professionals use for dehumidifiers in the trucks to help combat excess moisture. If you are moving a console table, be aware that they may need to move it higher or lower to reach it at different heights. Make sure that the pros you are considering have experience in dealing with high or low levels of humidity.

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Can the Professionals Take It All? – Sometimes, even skilled movers have trouble moving large, bulky items such as tables and pianos that are difficult to move alone. For those instruments that are too heavy, tall, or have fragile legs, there may need to be equipment to assist the professionals. A flat rate should suffice if you simply need someone to move your piano a few times, but there are times when moving an instrument by yourself is the best solution. You can also save money by checking out prices on flat rate truck rentals rather than flat rate piano movers.