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Chub Furniture Delivery

Yes, you could sell furniture on eBay, but only if you have a shipping service to manage the logistics of your entire delivery. Furniture packing and moving service connect sellers with a full list of furniture moving options, from full-size sofas and loveseats to wooden desks and rocking chairs. It’s a great way to ease the load on yourself or the seller when selling your own items, or it’s a great way for a busy furniture mover to find new customers. Here’s how to move furniture by yourself without the help of furniture movers.

First, check your local regulations to see which type of furniture delivery is most common in your area. Many areas require that furniture shipping by UPS or FedEx is an option, and you should familiarize yourself with local requirements before trying to work with them. UPS is the industry leader for both air and ocean freight, and they’re also the most commonly used for international furniture delivery. For some regions, however, UPS is not available, and in those regions you may want to consider shipping by another type of carrier.

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UPS is great for short-distance furniture deliveries, but there are other options. Smaller furniture delivery services like couriers like USPS and UPS will usually ship a single piece of furniture no more than five miles and will generally charge less than UPS for larger distances. Couriers like DHL and Fed Ex offer further options like three or four-day deliveries and have track records that prove them more reliable than UPS. If you have a fairly new home, you may be able to negotiate a shorter delivery time on your own, or even make your own arrangement with your furniture shipping company for a speedy delivery of your furniture.

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Other furniture delivery services are based entirely on movers and will move your belongings directly to their facility. There are some companies that base their business around moving people’s things, and you may want to ask your mover’s if they have experience moving large or heavy objects. They’ll know if the move will require heavy equipment, and in some cases they can even use cranes if needed. A professional mover will also know where you’re located in the city, allowing them to deliver on your behalf at a price that won’t make your pocketbook go empty.

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If you’re unable to find someone locally to help you with your furniture delivery, ask if they’ll do it for free. A few companies have customer appreciation events that include a pizza delivery person coming to your home and packing your things for you. This can often be done for free, or at a discounted price if you mention that you’re looking for such a service. This is one job well done when you’re moving and can save you a considerable amount of money if you work with the same company for all of your furniture removal needs.

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What if you don’t have a convenient schedule available to meet, and the company isn’t willing to come out to your home? Perhaps your home is on private land and not within walking distance to the nearest delivery service. If this is the case, you’ll have to physically carry the furniture from place to place yourself. It’s really just another situation that calls for patience. Furniture delivery window boxes can make things easier for you, since they usually come with their own locking boxes.

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The bottom line is that when it comes to furniture removal and furniture delivery, there are options available for you. For more information, check here. Good luck!

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