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Chub Pool Table Moving

Moving a Pool Table is not something you should do by yourself. The responsibility for moving a pool table falls on Pool Table Moving Companies. When you’re dealing with delicate, large, heavy and possibly expensive items such as pool tables, pianos and tables, you require professional assistance. You will minimize the risk of accidents and damages when you get Pool Table Moving Company along with you.

Pool table moving companies charge you according to the size, weight, shape and arrangement of the item being moved. Before arranging for their services you should have an exact price range in your mind. This will help them estimate the charges for the exact amount of distance that they’ll need to move it. It’s always better to know the exact price before organizing for their service. You don’t want to let them take the item and then find out the price is more than what you’ve expected or even more than what you’re willing to pay.

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When choosing a Pool Table Moving company you should look for the most reliable movers available. Reliable means they will be prompt in returning your billiard table and will be respectful, polite and professional throughout the entire process. This will ensure smooth moving of your beloved pool table into your new home. Ask around to see which professionals are highly recommended in your area, and make sure they are fully licensed, insured and qualified to move your billiard table.

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The average cost of moving a table from one location to another is between two hundred and three hundred dollars. The actual moving process will depend on the type and size of your table, its condition and how it is packed. A reputable Pool Table Moving company will evaluate your billiard supplies, furniture and pool table frames before charging you for their services. They will then estimate the actual average cost for your items based on those details. Then they will give you a written estimate in writing, which you can ask for a more detailed explanation of.

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Most movers will offer to pick up your pool table at your residence and transport it on the day designated as the moving day. They will also offer to pick up your furniture at your residence, unpacking and then returning your furniture to your home. Make sure to request that your pool table and other furniture are ready to move on the day designated as your moving day. If you want to ensure your billiard supplies and other items do not end up in the care of local authorities, you may want to inform the moving company that they will be charged additional fees if they attempt to hold your property overnight.

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Knowing how to move a pool table safely will go a long way in assuring that it remains in pristine shape for many years to come. Before any kind of moving of anything let alone a Pool Table the movers will test it to make sure it is in working order. They will use the power drill on both ends to check for cracks or any other damage. They may also inspect it with a camera to insure no paint or decals have been damaged. They will probably shut off the electricity at the breaker box that controls the electricity to make sure there are no dangerous vapors or gases released during the move. Moving a Pool Table by yourself is never recommended so having professionals nearby will make sure the move goes smoothly and you arrive at your new home in one piece.

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Pool Table Moving companies will offer instruction on how to move your table safely, but most also offer disassembling and reassembling services as well. When you disassemble your Pool Table, take special care to note the serial number’s on the bottom and sides of the table, and the model number. The serial numbers can be found on the back of the table, or on the tag attached to the bottom of the table. In addition, disassembling the Pool Table should only be performed if the moving companies you are using are reputable and use quality equipment. When you are done with the disassembling process, you should remove the legs securely and store them until you are ready to put it back together.

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Most Pool Table Moving Companies will provide a warranty for their workmanship, so be sure to inquire about this when you first receive a quote. This is especially important for disassembled Pool Tables. Many companies will offer replacement parts and will even offer a money-back guarantee if the product is unsatisfactory. With the proper safeguards and precautions taken during the move, the Pool Table moving experience can be enjoyable instead of nerve wracking.