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Furniture moving can be stressful if you are unsure of what you are doing. It is important that you take the right steps in order to ensure the safety of your belongings as well as the convenience of your home. Great Men makes finding furniture movers convenient, allowing you to track down reliable furniture moving services near you, eliminating the hassle of hauling the furniture up the stairs or breaking your back on the job. Network of local furniture moving experts can assist with all of your furniture moving needs from across the country to in-home furniture re-arranging. They will offer expert guidance and ensure that every household move goes smoothly and efficiently.

If you plan to move furniture by using furniture sliders, it is important to follow safety guidelines for the products. The product, itself, is made out of plastic and most sliders are equipped with non-slip treads on both the upper and lower surface. The plastic should be of an appropriate thickness and be free of imperfections. You can purchase the plastic or use the parts of another material, such as wood, to create the slick surface.

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For the walls to slide properly, you must ensure that they are completely level. When you are measuring for your piece(s), take note of the distance between the wall and the ceiling, and the distance between the floor and the furniture pieces. Once the pieces reach the floor, use furniture sliders to slide them across without causing any jolting on the carpeted floors. To keep furniture pieces from being jostled around, ask that you put tape on the legs of all of the pieces. Also, don’t forget to secure all loose pieces to the floor, and put a weight on them to ensure that they are stable.

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Once you have the measurements right, start making your moving pieces. If you are going to move furniture gliders, first lay them out flat on the floor before starting. This will help you determine how large you need the furniture gliders to be. Make sure that the pieces are level, and that there is no leaning of one side of the piece over the other side.

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Once you have determined how large your piece(s) need to be, the next step of the moving furniture process is to prepare them for movement. Clean the surfaces of the piece(s) with disinfectant and a cleaner. Using a degreaser will help get rid of any residue that can damage your fragile equipment. Once you are done cleaning, your pieces will need lubrication. Many movers offer this service, and it will not cost too much. Lubricating the moving furniture helps make everything run smoothly, and will also help the pieces slide a lot more easily.

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Before moving the furniture, you need to be sure that the furniture legs are securely fastened into place. You can purchase commercial or home furniture leg locks to hold the legs in place. Furniture moving pads can also be used to hold the furniture legs in place. Furniture pads are inexpensive and can be found in just about any moving supply store. Furniture pads also come with their own set of locks to keep out other people from helping themselves to your prized possessions.

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Furniture moving supplies such as moving blankets will provide warmth to those doing the lifting. Furniture moving blankets are often made of thick, fluffy material that is meant to help protect those moving from becoming cold. The mover will need a large moving blanket to help cover all of their body, and possibly their hands and feet. A moving blanket is one of the most important supplies to have for this type of move. You should also use at least two other items for protection, such as a rug or sheet set. Having protection for your legs and feet is absolutely essential to avoid any lasting injuries from being injured while moving heavy furniture.

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You should also consider the weight of your truck while loading and unloading your furniture. There are some trucks on the market that are designed specifically for moving furniture. If your truck is too big, or the weight is too much for the truck, then you might need help moving furniture by hiring a professional mover. While you can save money by doing the move yourself, you will still need help moving furniture on the day of the move, and in many cases, the next day.