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Movers and Packers are a moving company specializing in the moving of individuals, trailers and large items. “Home relocation” is one of their specialties. They specialize in moving both personal belongings and commercial storage, residential moving boxes and moving supplies. In addition to moving individuals and trailers, Movers and Packers also movers businesses.

“We provide unmatched customer service and a free moving experience. Professional movers will bring your belongings to your new home or location in no time. With an extensive variety of moving supplies, including an extensive collection of moving boxes, tape measures, ladders, furniture straps and more, moving professionals are there to make moving easy.” National Movers

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The National Movers and Packers Association (NMPA) is the largest association of commercial movers in North America. “NMPA is the largest non-profit organization in the moving business with tens of thousands of members. It is a voluntary organization with no formal business structure. It was formed in 1948 as a way for movers to assist one another in helping those in need of their services.” Board of Directors:

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*Debbie Murray, President and CEO * Greg Gutfeld, General Manager * Paula Wagner, Administrative Assistant *Tracy Lewis, Storage Division *Mark Young, Operations Division *Timothy Mutchler, Packaging Division NMPA offers over 75 locations nationwide, including in Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas and beyond. Debbie and Mark are Board Members of the National Movers and Packers Association.

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“When clients call to schedule moving services with us they should know that it’s a simple and straightforward process. Our movers can pack and unpack with confidence. Whether it’s small or large, our experienced professionals can do it properly for you. What’s more, with our professional packing and moving labor, the time spent on your move is significantly reduced.”

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The National Movers and Packers Association also offer a variety of resources to help people who are moving. Check out their YouTube channel, which features moving videos from across the country. They have an archive for videos covering all aspects of moving. The moving videos may be helpful to someone who is trying to decide how to pack their belongings, but may not know how to go about it safely. If someone does not feel comfortable in their new home, the moving videos can provide reassurance.

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The packers will take over the packing and loading process. As long as movers have the proper equipment, the household goods will arrive at the new location safely and sound. The National Packers Association has detailed information about what supplies to bring and what tools to use when packing and moving.

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Many movers have an inventory of their most valuable items. It is important to keep these items in the same place in case anyone has to retrieve something. A good inventory ensures that nothing is forgotten about. A professional packers service will also ensure that all fragile and valuable items are wrapped carefully. They will remove any breakable items before the movers arrive to ensure that the items do not become damaged during transit.