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Moving a piano is not as simple as you might think. Many moving professionals will tell you that they would never do it alone and would rather pay a little extra to have a professional with them all the way. The reality is that moving a piano is tricky and complicated and many times require specialized equipment or services. A local piano mover can provide this type of service, but they are not the only way to go. There are many moving companies that do not charge very much and can help move your piano from place to place safely.

The most expensive piano moving quote in our research was from the Shands Piano Movers in Cedar Springs, Texas. They charged us $110 per hour. The average piano moving price is $80 per hour with a two-person move and a one-day move. They offered full insurance coverage and had a local license.

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Another method we found was renting a four-wheeled dolly. This kind of dolly is a good tool for moving pianos because it allows the instrument to be fully controlled at all times. The dolly comes with four wheels and is controlled via a handle bar that has a clamp on each wheel. It is a much more powerful moving tool than a regular four-wheeler vehicle so we felt that this was a superior method to move the instrument. Most professional moving companies recommended that you rent a four-wheeled dolly rather than moving the instrument by yourself.

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When moving an instrument over a long distance, there are several options that you need to consider. One way to move your piano from town to another is to use a flatbed semi trailer. This type of moving vehicle has a bed that can accommodate up to fifty-six pounds of weight. Flatbed trailers are available in both truck and car sizes and can often be delivered quickly. The only disadvantage to this method of moving a piano over a long distance is the difficulty of loading the instrument safely and securely into the trailer.

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If the distance that you need to move your piano will not allow for the use of a flatbed trailer, you may need to use a wheelchair or lift to move the piano, as well as to lift the lid. A simple solution to this problem is a piano lid lifter. These devices can hold a grand piano up securely in place until you have room to fit the instrument onto the platform. Lifts can also be rented to quickly transport upright pianos if there is no access to the ground floor. These devices are available for rent at most moving supply stores and are a very safe method of moving a piano.

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Insurance coverage is always important when moving a piano. We highly recommend that you find out what your insurance policy provides for moving pianos. While most policies provide some form of compensation for a piano, it is advisable to double check with your insurance company to see if they provide coverage for your move to an indoor or outdoor storage facility. In the event of your piano being damaged while in transit, you may be entitled to additional compensation. Speak with your insurance provider to determine exactly what their policy provides for moving your piano.

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Another option when it comes to moving pianos is to use consolidated freight services. Consolidated freight services will send one package to the different locations where your instruments are located, saving you the time and expense of having to conduct each move on your own. For even more convenience, if you hire a consolidator who is licensed, they can help you determine the shortest and most affordable routes between your home and your chosen location.

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Regardless of the way you decide to move your piano, it is important to budget the moving cost into the overall cost of the move. Not only should you factor in the cost of specialized equipment like a ramp, but also the cost of the actual piano. Often, pianos are not very valuable and can easily be replaced by a newer model. However, it is possible that the sentimental value of a piano greatly outweighs its monetary value. This should also be taken into consideration when budgeting the moving cost.