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There may come a time when an option more appropriate for your moving needs is needed due to a piano’s shape or size. Professional piano movers at Expo Movers use only the special equipment and tools required to safely carry out this delicate instrument from one location to another. With their expert help you can have your old instrument transported without worry and take advantage of the many benefits of a professional, long distance piano mover.

A piano that is too large for a vehicle can be difficult to load into the trunk of the vehicle. You can save money by hiring professional piano movers with a long distance relocation. This is accomplished by having the long piano on a flat surface such as a piano board, and having an extra heavy duty piano dolly attached to the board. The dolly is used to lift the piano securely so it can be properly wheeled in the vehicle.

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When you are considering piano moving, you might wonder what options you have other than hiring professionals. There are other alternatives to hiring a professional piano mover. You can choose to move the piano on your own, or to hire another person to do it for you. If you are unsure about how to move a piano on your own or would rather have someone else do it for you, here are some suggestions.

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When you calculate the cost of moving a long distance piano by yourself, you must consider the cost of renting a moving truck, gas, brake fluid, and the toll for the interstate. For most local piano movers charge a base rate, which includes the weight and dimensions of the instrument as well as local taxes and charges. You will also want to include the cost of insurance, because it can increase your total cost.

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It may be best to hire a local piano mover to move your instrument because you may be dealing with an instrument that is sensitive to the elements. In addition, some types of wood and pianos cannot be moved safely on the roads. A good way to ensure the safety of your instrument is to move it into a climate-controlled facility that is similar to the rest of your house. Many facilities offer Coyote Cornerrature and humidity monitoring and provide climate-controlled atmosphere for their clients.

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Some people like to move their upright pianos indoors. One easy way to do this is to find a local rental company that offers services to move pianos indoors. Ask neighbors, friends, and family members if they know of any such companies. You can also check the classifieds in your local newspaper for listings of local movers. A few reputable companies advertise in local tabloids and newspapers. You should give them a call first to find out more about their moving rates and methods of packing.

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If you have never moved an instrument before, it is wise to bring along someone who has some experience. Even the most experienced piano movers have been shocked at how much easier the job is when the piano is being moved by an experienced professional rather than by a novice. Check out a moving company’s references to be sure they are reliable. Call each company to make sure you are told everything you need to know about the process so that you don’t have to guess at how it will go. Be sure to arrange for someone to be there to supervise the move of your piano, just in case anything should happen to cause damage or breakage.

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Piano movers are professionals who understand how much time, energy, and money it takes to move an instrument. Their rates are usually affordable, and most use truck mounted equipment. In addition, they will come to your home to disassemble and reassemble your piano in a timely manner. They will use climate-controlled environments and the most modern moving practices to insure the best move possible. All pros will give you honest advice concerning the best methods to take care of your instrument, such as tuning by a local expert or keeping the instrument in a humidity controlled environment. By following the tips above, you will be moving your piano safely and quickly.