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It is important to know how to move a piano when you decide to move it long distance. This is especially important if you will have to transport it using a truck, or have it delivered to your house. Long distance piano movers can help you move your piano from one place to another. You should be prepared when you call local movers to estimate the expense of moving the piano, and what to expect afterwards.

How Long Does it Take to Move a Piano? Local moving companies charge differently, according to the distance of the distance the piano needs to be moved. Local moving companies range from several hours to several days. The cost to move an upright piano can range from $100 to several hundred, while a large four-person upright piano can cost up to $ouch hundred to move in a local mover.

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How do I Tell the Amateurs About the Amateurs? Long distance piano movers can provide a list of local movers, so that anyone interested in hiring one can contact them. If you have your own insurance policy, it would be a good idea to let the local acoustic piano’s owner know that you will be using local movers, so that he can purchase his own insurance for your possessions.

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What Is the “How Do I…” Part of the piano moving process? It depends on how long the piano will be in the moving truck or on the route that it will need to be taken. If the move is shorter than two hours, then you only need a flatbed dolly and lightweight blankets. For a longer move, you may need a powered dolly or a covered truck with sleeping quarters for both you and your possessions. A powered dolly is generally used for short moves that are not too far away from home, and a covered truck is usually needed for longer moves that are farther away.

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Can I Put My Upright Pianos in my SUV and Travel? Although many upright pianos are relatively light, they can still be quite heavy to move by car. Even if you rent a flatbed dolly, you may still have a difficult time moving a very tall piano, and a very heavy truck. Instead, consider renting a vehicle with a carrying handle, or hiring a moving company to move your piano. You can also take smaller, more maneuverable upright pianos in a van or SUV, but you should expect a higher price to go with that option.

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What Will I Need to Get the Piano Onto My Vehicle? You will need at least one full day to make the move of your piano onto your car or SUV, depending on where you’re moving it. If you’re simply moving it into your own home, you might only need two or three hours, although you will want to be sure you’re able to get the piano onto your vehicle safely and securely. There are some moving companies that will do this as part of their service, so you may want to check around to see what kind of services are available in your area.

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How Do I Know I Can Handle This? Driving a moving truck without professional movers can be tricky, so you’ll want to make sure that you can handle the move of your piano with confidence. This means that you should already be familiar with driving a car with a piano in it, and you should be confident that you can safely handle moving it onto the truck without doing any damage to your upright piano or the piano lid. You should also be sure that you can lift the piano onto the truck without assistance, since you don’t want to cause any damage to yourself or the piano while trying to get it onto the moving vehicle. Moving a piano by yourself can be difficult, but if you follow the tips here, it should be easier for you.

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So, now that you know how to move pianos safely and in a timely fashion, you need to decide how much moving the piano will actually cost. The average cost of a piano when it is local is about $300. But, the long distance costs can be much higher. In the long distance case, usually you will be charged by the mile, since the piano will have to be driven several hundred miles. It’s best to find a local moving company to help you get your piano to its destination.