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Crane Piano Movers

If you are planning to move a piano from place to place, you should know some of the cost factors associated with moving a piano. You need to estimate how much you are willing to spend on piano moving expenses. Local moving prices vary from one place to another. Long distance piano movers charge different prices depending on the distance of the move.

Cost of Shipping. International piano movers quote an international shipping rate based on the weight of the pianos and the type of equipment they have to transport. A common rate is between five to ten dollars per pound. However, long distance piano movers quote different prices for different types of equipment. For example, long distance movers may charge three hundred dollars for each move, but they might quote only two hundred dollars for each move if their equipment was not that heavy. So, make sure the piano mover you choose quotes an accurate price of all equipment included in the quote.

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Cost of Trucks. Cost of moving a piano depends on the size and weight of the truck in which it will be transported. A national average cost is between ten and fifteen dollars per ton. Pricing for truck service is based on the day, time, and mileage of delivery. Local movers charge less than national movers do for same-size trucks.

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Dummystrument on the Dolly. Sometimes movers do not properly strap the piano onto a dolly. This can cause damage to the instrument. It is important to read the instrument’s documentation, and ask questions if something is unclear. If the piano is too heavy, or the dolly is ill-equipped to handle the instrument, or the dolly itself is broken, the piano may not be properly transported and damaged during transport.

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Cost Per Ton: There are local and national companies that charge a flat rate for moving a piano. The flat rate is based on weight and size. If your piano weighs more than ten thousand pounds, you might pay up to one thousand dollars. If your piano is less than ten thousand pounds, you might pay up to one hundred fifty dollars.

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Stairlifts or Escalators: Stairslifts and escalators are used when transporting pianos. In most cases, stairs lead to loading docks and then down to the parking lot. To move a piano on stairs, a mover must be skilled at maneuvering both the dolly and stairs at the same time. They must also be able to maneuver the piano up and down the stairs without damaging it. Stairlifts and escalators are available at local moving companies, but are often more expensive than local movers. One advantage of stair lifts and escalators is that they rarely break.

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Movers: A mover is a professional who charges more than a local mover. An experienced mover will have the skill and equipment needed to move any kind of piano, regardless of its size. An experienced mover will be familiar with the local laws, such as the height requirements. The laws are often very specific, and the best way to avoid damage to your pianos is to thoroughly research local laws and requirements before moving a piano on your own.

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The National Average: When comparing piano movers, the local movers will probably be cheaper than the national mover. For average sized pianos, moving services that include dolly, piano board and stairs might be cheaper than moving a piano by yourself, especially if the piano is not too heavy. For large or oddly shaped pianos, it would be best to move by yourself.