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Fasken Furniture Movers

Furniture moving can be time consuming and frustrating if not done properly. So before you try to move your stuff, make sure that you have an experienced Furniture Moving Company by your side. Here are some Furniture Moving Tips from an expert:

* Before you move furniture, have a trial run with your chosen moving blankets in your possession. It is important to know which material and design will be the easiest to adapt to your new home. An exact Furniture Moving Proposal, inclusive of an actual written quote based on its wrap cost & total weight. An average two or three-man moving team to come to the pickup place with full equipment and a portable cargo trailer to hold your heavy furnishings. Then they will wrap your heavy furniture for transport and eventually take it to your new destination.

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* Make sure that you have a lot of extra time when packing and moving furniture. Choose an appropriate day for moving day Plan ahead and have your movers pack your belongings into your dollies, boxes & blankets for the same day. This will save you the agony of running back and forth between your house and the moving pad for any reason.

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* Sliders are a useful tool to help you move furniture. Most sliders come with wheels. Ensure that you have wheels on both the dolly wheels (one set on each side of the dolly) and the sliding track. This will ensure easy maneuverability of the sliders while going from one end of the room to another. Check if the sliders have locking feet so that you won’t damage your furniture while walking.

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* Check that your home has adequate ventilation and drainage You need to remember that your new moving company won’t be able to do much to your existing house. So, before they start moving your things, make sure that there won’t be any blockages and that your house is ventilated and drainage. Check out your pipes, exhaust fans, etc. and see if they are in good condition. If not, then you might want to consider hiring a professional moving company from the Fasken moving company movers Fasken.

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* Long Distance – Furniture movers Fasken can’t accommodate all the customers who opt for long distance relocation. Ask them about their rates for long distance move. Remember that they charge extra for long distance move.

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* Shrink Wrap – If you plan to move your family and all of your valuable items, it is suggested that you purchase some packing and shrink wrap materials. The packing materials should be waterproof to prevent molds, spills and leakage. These packing materials should also be thick enough to protect the items from tearing. For the shrink wrap, you can either purchase or make your own. Just make sure that it’s strong enough to withstand the weight of all your belongings.

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* Stairs and Lifts – Make sure that the stairways and lifts in your Fasken home are in proper working condition. You might also want to have a professional come over and inspect your stairs and lifts before the big day arrives. Some homeowners try to take on the job of moving their heavy furniture by themselves but this is quite a chFaskenging task for one person alone. A moving truck will make the process quicker and more convenient. Just make sure that all the heavy furniture pieces are securely fastened in place before the movers leave.