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Piano moving can be an expensive and complicated process but can be less stressful if you are prepared in advance. The most important factor in your successful piano mover is that you have made the decision to move the instrument yourself. It is best to work with local movers because they will understand local laws and regulations, local schedules and local preferences when it comes to the size of the piano or other moving item that needs to be transported. Long distance movers are unlikely to offer you the same level of personalized service as a local moving company.

In addition, the local movers will be familiar with the dimensions of the new location and where the humidity level is. Local movers will also know the frequency that the instrument should be moved and whether humidity levels are important. If humidity is a major concern, then you will need to inform the piano moving company that you live in an area with high humidity and ask them not transport your instrument into such areas for the winter.

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You may also want to consider the weight of your instrument. If you have an upright piano, it may be easier to transport than a cabinet-style upright piano. However, if you have a cabinet-style upright piano, long-distance movers will probably be able to take it into the storage facility. Regardless of how you plan to move it, long-distance piano moving requires the utmost care. You will need to weigh the options carefully to make sure that you are moving your instrument with safety and everyone’s feelings being safeguarded.

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Professional movers understand all of the logistics surrounding moving a piano and have professionals who are trained to move any kind of instrument with professionalism and care. Long distance moving is much different than short distance moving. When you are planning how to move a piano across state lines or even from city to city, there are several things to consider. It is best to get the services of a professional moving company when you want to move an upright piano because of the sheer weight and complexity involved in moving such a heavy instrument. You want someone who has experience moving upright pianos.

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It is important to consider the permanent straps that some piano movers offer. Some models of upright pianos are designed so that they do not require the use of permanent straps, but others will require the use of these straps if you are moving across town or across state lines. Make sure the movers you contact understand the requirements of the piano and the permanent straps that must be used in order to ensure safety. Most movers will be happy to let you know what models they’re moving equipment is designed to work with.

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The traditional way to move a piano is by using padded luggage and then loading it onto a truck or van that has been assigned to transport the piano. Now there are many different types of piano moving equipment available and each type can have its own set of requirements. It is best to make sure the movers you contact have a full understanding of all the equipment they will need to move your piano securely and safely. The safest way to move a piano is to use a skid board.

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Skid boards are specially designed to securely lift and place upright pianos without causing serious injury to the user. This makes them the preferred method for moving grand pianos. Piano owners who must move their grand pianos on a regular basis know how important skid boards are and how much easier the process is when the skid board is used. Grand piano movers will always carry at least one skid board and it is always advisable to request one from your supplier to make your piano moving experience much easier.

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In the old days it was necessary for piano movers to drive their motor homes around and they had to take the piano to each destination. This would result in them taking the weight of the piano very unevenly which could result in serious injury or even death. Motorhome companies have made their moving vans very roomy to allow movers to put the piano in the vehicle and then wheel it around safely. They also provide the proper ropes and pulleys to move the piano in the vans. Now it is possible to have the motor home delivered directly to the destination and the piano will be wheeled around safely and securely on the rope and pulley system.