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A furniture delivery service can be helpful, especially if you do not have the skills to move and assemble your new purchase. Before you make a furniture purchase, here are several important things to keep in mind: Measurements and space You will want to take precise measurements of your room before you begin browsing furniture choices. Do not measure diagonal along your wall as this will cause your furniture pieces to appear lumpy. Keep in mind that if you choose oversized pieces, they may overpower your room and cause it to look smaller than intended.

Furniture sizing is an important factor to consider when hiring a local moving service. Furniture sizes are measured based on the measurements taken from the room where you plan to store your new furniture. If you will be renting storage space while you move, the furniture size is determined according to the average amount of square footage you need to cover. The average distance that a single furniture piece can be moved per floor is 100 feet.

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Local movers will use specially designed furniture trucks to transport your belongings for the full distance of the estimated time of the move. The most common types of trucks that a furniture delivery company uses are flatbeds, van-riggers, and dollies. Flatbeds are the most popular type of truck because it takes up very little space and can easily fit under most furniture. It is also easy to stack for maximum storage capacity.

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Furniture movers understand that different moves require different techniques in packing. Local moving services employ experienced packing pros such as experienced truck drivers, packing contractors, and crating experts to properly pack each piece of furniture. The packing process begins with an initial quote, which provides the dimensions of the unit and the cost for each method of transportation.

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Truck Drivers. If you are moving furniture one place at a time, one person must drive and unload each truck. This is because transporting several pieces of furniture at one time requires special skills and experience. Many truck drivers are available for one-way moves and long distance moves. One way moves may require more than one driver depending on how many pieces of furniture are being transported.

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Van-riggers. Many furniture movers rent vans equipped with rollers, lifting jacks, dollies, and other accessories needed for moving furniture one place at a time. There are a number of companies that rent trucks and vans specifically for this purpose. The size of the vehicle does not affect the price. It all depends on the individual company.

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Door-to-door Service. You may want to consider this service if the move will take place during the day. It is not uncommon for homeowners to hire moving service providers for quick ones. For large or heavy items, it can be very difficult to do it yourself. A good moving service will make sure your items are transported in a safe manner and to their new destination on the same day.

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West Texas Master Movers LLC. While you may have some success with smaller local businesses, it often helps to have a professional national moving service that can give you a speedy and affordable move. Companies like West Texas Master Movers LLC have long been a reliable and trusted way to get your furniture to its new home. They have a variety of moving options and many of their products are top of the line.