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Florey Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is never an easy job and attempting to move it by yourself without proper knowledge, can cause serious damage to either the table or the individual moving it. If you’re moving a large heavy object like a pool table, then hiring a professional moving company is highly advisable especially if you do not wish to lose the valued object to rough handling. The reason for this is that the moving company has the appropriate equipment to disassemble and assemble any moving piece successfully. Pool tables are designed to be moved often, so it is important to hire professionals who know how to move them safely and quickly.

It is important that you get several moving quotes before deciding on which moving company to use. You should make sure that they have the necessary insurance coverage to protect your belongings while in transit. Moving companies with less than adequate insurance are liable to make unreasonable demands on your time and possibly damage your pool table during transit. Don’t let pricing is the determining factor for your choice of movers. Make sure that you have talked to at least three different people and that they have all provided you with solid references that you can verify.

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When choosing a moving company, make sure that they have the necessary insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move. It is also a good idea to find out if they have liability insurance. It’s never fun to have something happen to your belongings while you’re moving them and finding out that you aren’t covered because you didn’t read the small print. Make sure that you carefully read all of the terms and conditions when considering moving services.

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One of the most common moving questions that homeowners have is how to move a pool table safely from place to place. First of all, if you have a power drill, this makes the job very easy. All you need to do is unscrew the bolt that holds the base to the frame and then lower it into the hole in the floor or garage. If you’re using a hammer, simply use it to pry the legs apart, then just slide the base under the stand and lock it in place. If the legs don’t go with the power drill, simply use a screwdriver to remove them, then replace the legs. Some people have found that placing the legs first and then inserting the base board under them helps them keep their footing.

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You may be concerned that how to move a table moving safely involves using heavy equipment, but this is far from the truth. A professional moving company will have sturdy lifting equipment that you can use to pick up your table. You can either bring your table to them or they will come to you, ideally both ways. They are also experienced at disassembling tables to make them easier to transport. The lifting equipment can be powered by one or two people, so if you have more than one person, they can each use their own equipment.

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If you only have a few people with you, they should be able to lift the entire table in a single pass, while only having to carry it a few feet. Then, the bottom can be lifted separately, while the rest of it can be held by the mover, who should be able to lift the whole table with one push of his/her weight. In fact, many professional movers prefer to do most of the work themselves, saving the customer the cost of having a moving crew on the job. And since most pool tables are roughly one thousand pounds each, it’s well worth the extra cost.

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Once the table is disassembled, it is given a thorough cleaning. This includes spraying the moving components down with degreaser, as well as spraying down the floor with a pool ball return system. Then, the movers will unload the entire ball return system and set it up according to the instructions in the box. Then, the table is ready to go!

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As you can see, the process is pretty simple. You just have to let the movers get it done, then sit back and enjoy the results. If you’ve never done this before, or if you’re not sure about how to do it, then it’s best to hire professionals to do it for you. Just make sure you do some research first, and make sure that your chosen moving company has moving blankets available for their customers to use when they are doing their own moving.