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When you decide that it is time for you to move a piano, you are likely already feeling anxious. You probably envision how long and complicated, the move will be and how you are dreading the hours and days ahead of you. But piano moving isn’t all about days and hours spent laboriously dragging your upright or console through the treacherous snow to the local piano movers closest to you. It is about the safety aspects of moving pianos. Here are some tips on how to move a piano safely, so you can get it safely to the new home where it will be placed upon arrival.

The dangers of moving a piano are great no matter where you move it. If the move is long-distance, consider relocating the piano in pairs. In this case, each player would need a half day to an entire day to move their own instrument, depending on the distance between them. Upright pianos are often easier to move, because the top and bottom ends are usually hollow. However, a long-distance move of an upright piano might include one player lifting the piano while the other is cranking up the piano’s strings to play the piece. This doubles the amount of time that each player needs to be out of the way.

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For an upright piano that is relatively heavy, consider using a skid board as a portable base. A good quality skid board can weigh as much as 100 pounds, which will allow for long-distance piano moving that takes place over many days. However, this option requires that the piano skid board is properly bolted down to the floor to keep it stabilized. Loosely assembled skid boards can become a hazard in heavy snow or rain. In some cases, a piano skid board is used to shield the instrument from other falls.

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For pianos that are relatively light, consider using a humidity tent to protect the instrument. It is important that the tent is well-insulated to maintain the Frankel Cityrature inside. The piano should also be stored safely away from other fragile items to avoid any damage that could cause the instrument to become unstable. If a humidifier is used to increase the humidity inside the tent, it is imperative that it be kept separate from the instrument.

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When moving a piano on its own, it is important to remember that the safest route is always on a flat surface. Using a dolly can be very helpful when transporting the instrument. A dolly can be wheeled behind the piano or it can be pulled behind the instrument. Either way, dollies ensure that the instrument remains stable while being moved.

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Professional moving companies prefer moving pianos to cars because of the complexity and weight of some pianos. Even a small piano can be quite heavy when full of strings. Professionals will often have a team of professionals to man the job of moving the instrument in a professional manner. The first step in moving a piano is to remove it from its cabinet. Some pianos can be taken out on their own. Others require more technical help.

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It’s best not to attempt to move a piano by yourself if you are unsure of how to do so. Even with the most skilled professionals, damage can occur if you don’t know what you’re doing. Pianos are long and hard objects and even experienced pros can cause major damage if they don’t carefully and properly perform this task.

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One good idea is to find a local piano moving service that is experienced and familiar with moving a grand. They will know what steps are necessary to safely transport the instrument and to insure it is transported safely and securely. Some upright piano movers will also offer cover for your instrument should it become damaged during transport. Always do your research before hiring a professional.