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New Age Moving Company is just one of the names in the moving industry that is in full bloom nowadays. Gardendale Movers of , TX is constantly working around its client needs and this latest service known as heavy-duty moving, loaders and unloaders only serve to add value to valuable clients feedback. If you need a little extra set of hands to load heavy furniture movers can help with that. Ask them about their hourly rate labor movers in your area.

Don’t just shop around online but rather find out a bit more about the moving company you are thinking of hiring. Check with your local chamber of commerce or ask friends if they know anything about any of the moving companies they have worked with before. Find out how long they have been in business and ask some of these moving questions:

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Do they provide full-time onsite labor movers? Do they have a loading and unloading truck? Can they help with loading and unloading furniture? Are they bonded and insured? Do they specialize in either commercial moving or residential moving and storage?

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These are important questions because it gives you a good feel for how they treat their customers. It will also give you an idea of how fast they move and whether or not you will be charged for an hourly rate versus a flat rate. You might decide to go with the flat rate if your budget allows and want a superior service at a reasonable price. Ask local movers what their average move times are.

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If your home is large or has many rooms, are there areas that are particularly difficult to move? Often, homes that are more than two floors have stairs and other obstacles that need to be taken care of before the movers can unload them at the new location. This might mean that the company needs a moving truck, or perhaps even a van with a loading ramp. Check with the company to see if they provide such services.

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Do they provide storage options when you rent the unit? Many labor movers will rent out storage units where you can store your items until the move is complete. This is a cost that you will have to account for when you get a price quote from the company, but you may want to consider this option. You can save money on moving day by storing items in a storage facility prior to the move. Then, when you are ready to unload your items, you will have no problem removing them safely and without a lot of fuss. Check with the company to find out how much storage they charge, and what the process is like for moving items in and out of the storage area.

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Do they provide additional moving services, like packing up your home after they transport your furniture? Most companies do, and some offer more services than others. For example, some offer only packing supplies, while others provide a team of professionals who will assemble all of your furniture when it arrives at its destination. If you do not have a lot of experience with packing materials, and want this additional furniture moving help, you may want to check with the company. Make sure you are clear on the service they provide before hiring them.

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These are just some things you will want to consider before hiring an in-home furniture moving help. Ask the moving company for a free quote, and then compare that with other moving services. Ask friends and family for referrals. Review the references provided to you, and contact at least three. You can feel confident that you have found the best option for moving heavy furniture in your area.