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What is the average price for a piano moving job in my area? The average price to hire an upright piano movers is usually around $75 per hour. The lowest is around $30, and the highest can be up to 120 hours. It really depends on the type and size of the instrument. Long distance piano movers will charge more because they use larger trucks and more manpower to move the large instruments.

How long does it take to move a piano? Most professional piano moving prices are based on several hours of time. The longer the move, the more it will cost, so don’t think that a grand piano may need only a few hours of work.

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How many piano movers do I need? The number of moving pieces to be moved will depend on the size and weight of each. Many local piano moving companies only handle small or medium-sized instruments, so a piano moving company that only handles a medium sized or larger instruments may save you money in the long run. A professional piano mover will also be able to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to your specific needs.

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Where can I find professional piano movers in my area? The best place to find professional piano movers in your area is the internet. You can usually find local listings in telephone directories, but you might not have the options that are available to online clients. There are a few companies that have websites, and you can usually go on their website to find local listings as well.

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Can I use a dolly for my piano moving? There are some limitations to using a dolly for moving pianos, mainly the length of the legs and the thickness of the casters. A dolly is a good option for moving smaller pianos, like those that are not too heavy. However, if you have a piano that is not too small to fit on a dolly, then a flat bed trailer is a more suitable option. Piano movers in Gardendale are trained to use flat bed trailers because they are designed specifically to transport pianos and are often much stronger than dollies.

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Why should I hire a professional moving company? Hiring a professional moving company will ensure that your belongings are properly transported. Your belongings will arrive to your new home in one piece, rather than having to take everything to the curb and try to put it in the car. Hiring a professional moving company is also a lot less expensive than it would be to try to move everything yourself. If you decide to use your own equipment in the move, you will be responsible for all safety aspects and you may end up damaging some of your property. A professional mover will use special equipment to lift your piano from the ground, place it in the trailer, and then transport it to your new home.

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How do I move my piano on crating? Before you even consider crating your piano, ask yourself if crating it is a better option than flat-bed moving. There are many advantages to crating your piano as opposed to flat-bed moving. For one thing, your piano will be much lighter and easier to move; therefore, you can move it yourself with ease, rather than having to hire a professional mover. On top of that, some flat bed models are extremely hard to crate, while other crating models are designed specifically to lift and place pianos in them.

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Will my console upright piano or child’s console upright piano need to be transported in an enclosed container or on a dolly? Most people are fine lifting their pianos and will not have a problem with crating them. However, some pianos, such as grand pianos and grand piano upright models, will require an enclosed container, which will need to be fully closed and secured at all times. In addition, some models will only fit inside a small area such as a storage facility, so it may be best to ask a professional mover to move your piano across town. The same goes for your child’s piano, which may only fit inside a fairly small space until the child reaches his or her teens.