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Piano moving companies specialize in moving upright pianos (which is the most common), as well as the smaller upright and console types. Upright pianos are heavy and difficult to move. For this reason they are usually moved by professionals who use special dollies. If you plan to move an upright piano yourself, be sure to watch it carefully while it is being moved.

Local movers do not use dollies for Upright pianos; you need a dolly or box to move them. If you are moving a console or upright piano, use a professional moving company. Upright pianos are especially difficult to move; they are very heavy. You can hire local movers or a professional moving company to move your upright piano; some people find that using dollies makes the move easier. However, if you want to move an upright piano by yourself, be sure to watch it closely during the move.

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There are many considerations to make when moving pianos on your own. You have to consider how far away the stairs are from the piano. Many people try to get to the stairs to be in front of the piano so the piano movers can easily move it. The problem with this is that the stairs may get damaged and not even be usable afterwards. Therefore, you should make a list of all the stairs that you need to take before even picking up the phone to schedule a local piano moving day. Do this even if you think that you have a fair idea of how far the stairs are, so you will be prepared.

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If you are moving long distances, you might consider using a moving truck instead of your own car. Moving long distances by yourself takes longer. It also means that you do not have the option to stop for lunch. You have to drive through bad roads or take very long breaks. Hiring pianos mover companies is a good option for people who wish to move their pianos long distances.

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The price of the piano mover you hire depends on the distance you have to move it, the type of piano, and the equipment. Long distances will obviously cost more than short ones. The equipment and the distance you have to move the piano will also affect the price. Companies usually quote a flat rate for piano moving. They often include all additional fees like the pickup and delivery, and a set of piano keys.

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If you are hiring local movers, you may want to know if the piano moving company charges extra for mileage and if they charge more for the use of their trucks. Some local piano moving companies offer special packages for clients. Some include the use of drums and the like. Check if the local movers quote one price for all the moving services they provide.

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Long-Distance Piano Mover quotes vary from company to company. It would be wiser to ask how long the local move would take and how the whole process will be. Make sure you are clear with the local movers about the total cost and what you have agreed to. Discuss how long the piano moving company will take to load and unload your piano. Find out if there is a deductible and if they require you to bring a truck. Some piano movers only accept cash and do not require you to pay for any transportation costs.

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A reputable local piano moving company will give you an estimated time of arrival. Make sure you are clear on this date. As mentioned earlier, moving long distance can be very stressful for people who are not used to such change in their everyday life. So it would be better to ask how long the move will take and what type of options you have if you feel uncomfortable during the move.