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Goldsmith Mattress Moving

Mattress moving companies are service providers who help people move their mattresses from one location to another. Mattress moving is no easy task to complete especially if the mattresses are bulky. It requires a lot of effort and energy. A mattress moving company makes the process of moving a mattress easier by providing professional movers.

Mattresses are expensive and often considered an unnecessary item for a new home. However, with rising fuel costs, it is wise to save up to get a good nights sleep during the cold winter months. So when moving day arrives, make sure that you have your old mattress ready to go. It is best to pack it properly so it will arrive in one piece. The first thing to do when packing your mattress is to remove the cushions and other accessories that were attached to the mattress when it was a fresh sleeping bag. These accessories must be discarded immediately.

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Next, the mattress should be laid out flat and covered with a large sheet. Mattress moving companies provide special sheets made specifically for moving mattresses. These sheets are made from waterproof materials to protect the mattress from molds, dust and harmful chemicals present in the new home. They are also specially designed for mattresses of varying sizes and shapes.

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After the mattress has been laid out flat and protected, the movers will remove it from the original box it came in. The box should be opened to remove the cushions and any blankets inside. These will need to be discarded as they will not fit in the truck anymore. The mattress and all its parts should be laid on the bed of the truck. A dolly will be used to transport the mattress from the truck to the new location.

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Plastic wrapping will need to be wrapped around the entire mattress to keep the plastic dry. Mattress moving companies use plastic sheeting to cover the mattress and the box it came in. If the movers choose to use packing tape to cover the mattress, the tape should be cut to fit the mattress. Cutting the tape is not necessary as the plastic wrapping will do the job.

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Once all the parts of the mattress have been removed and the plastic mattress bag has been put on top, the movers will need to unload the truck. Stowing the moving mattress on the bed of the truck will ensure that it will be stable during the move. Movers will put the plastic mattress bag over the mattress and wheel it around the area. If space is at a premium, it is usually best to have more than one mattress bag. Stocking at least one mattress bag with multiple pieces of the mattress will prevent the movers from having to move the mattress too much.

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Along with the plastic mattress bags, movers will need other moving supplies. Packing tape will be needed to hold sheets and blankets together. Rope will be needed for ties or duct tape to seal the ends of the mattress. Sturdy ropes will be needed to help lift the mattress on high shelves or large hooks. Moving supplies include a ladder, a broom, a tarp, and ratchet straps. It is important that all moving supplies are stored in a safe place.

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Before the movers begin their move, everyone in the household should sign a release form. This release form will make sure no one is harmed during the move. It will also make the responsibility of the movers to the residence lie back. The mattress should be laid on the ground and all the pillows on top of it. The movers will place the plastic mattress bags and other moving supplies over the mattress and then lift it off the ground. The movers will use their ratchet straps to lift the mattress as high as they can.