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Hay Flat Mattress Moving

If you or anyone else in your family has just moved in with you, there’s no doubt they’ll need a mattress. Usually, that last thing to think about before moving day is mattress moving, how to move a refrigerator, and other items involved in packing up the old bedroom. But moving your mattress to your new house doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. Here, take a look at several ways to move a mattress easily and effectively, using only the expert tools of a licensed moving company.

First, it’s important to realize how much weight your mattress can handle safely on a flatbed truck. Generally, mattresses are between eight and fifteen pounds, depending on its size. To help ensure maximum safety during the move, you should choose a truck with at least two double-tiered beds. You should also make sure there is adequate room to get the mattress into the bed of the truck and stack on top of the beds without knocking them over or causing any damage. In addition, if your mattress already weighs too much, you might consider moving it by placing it on a trampoline or on a mattress lift. Licensed movers can provide further assistance with specific methods for moving mattresses to and from vehicles.

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In order to help reduce the chances of complications during mattress moving, be sure to pack your mattress carefully. Start by removing the protective plastic packaging around your mattress and any other items in your original box. Be sure to wear protective gloves and a dust mask as these can protect you from dust, dirt, or any of the allergens that can collect under and around your old mattress. It’s also a good idea to wear old towels and old blankets, because you’ll need them for sanitary and health reasons.

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The next thing you want to do is secure the straps around your mattress. After mattress moving, you’ll likely have some water, so you don’t want the mattress to soak. Use plastic mattress cover sheets that fit over your mattress tightly to protect it from seeping fluids. This is an especially important step if you live in a humid area, because humidity can compromise the quality of the plastic mattress cover.

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Prior to the mattress moving day, you should remove any personal belongings from your old home, unless you have packed them in a plastic mattress bag. This includes stuffed animals, old photographs, and boxes containing photos, memorabilia, or household items. Instead, bring your most valuable belongings with you when you move to the new house. This includes your mattress, pillows, quilts, blankets, and bed sheets. Otherwise, take everything out of your old house before you unpack and begin moving to the new one.

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During the mattress moving day, you may need to move the furniture around a bit. For instance, if the beds are too tall or the mattresses are too large, your movers can pull these items to the ground, which will free up space in the truck for the other items. You’ll also need to move furniture around your rooms. This helps the movers remove the larger and heavier items from your rooms, giving you more room to move.

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During the move, your movers will need heavy duty tape to cover all edges of the mattress, as well as ratchet straps to secure all corners and edges of the mattress. The ratchet straps hold the mattress securely at the bottom, so that it won’t move during the move. Movers typically use heavy-duty tape on the walls as well, to help prevent moisture from getting inside.

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If your mattress moving company is insured, they should offer you some kind of coverage for transporting your possessions. Check with your moving company or your home insurance provider to find out exactly what they offer. Most companies have 24-hour emergency services in case of an accident, fire or other damage to your belongings during transportation from your old home to your new home.