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Move heavy furniture and experience your moving nightmare. Heavy furniture, such as old wagons, stacks of lumber, and antique furniture can be hard to move. It is especially difficult for those who are not experienced with this type of move. That’s why it’s important to use the help of professional movers when you have to move heavy furniture. Here’s how a professional team can make your move as easy and stress-free.

One thing that makes heavy furniture difficult to move is its size. Lifting the entire weight and then shifting it is nearly impossible unless you hire professional movers. Therefore, when you need to relocate heavy furniture, contact local movers immediately and ask them to come over to your house to evaluate the situation and do the best they can.

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Do not attempt to move the furniture on your own. It’s too risky. If you have to move the furniture by yourself, do so only with the help of family members or friends who know how to lift things. The stronger the piece of furniture is, the more time it will take to move it with minimal damage to your property. Ask for recommendations before trying to do the job on your own.

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Do not overload the vehicle carrying your heavy furniture. A small van is often sufficient. However, if you need a lot of furniture transported, you’ll probably need a bigger vehicle. Consider asking local movers to use a truck with a large bed in order to properly transport the items. Otherwise, your furniture may not fit comfortably inside. If possible, have the furniture the day of the move.

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Do not move the furniture if it is raining or snowing. The combination of moisture and cold can cause the wood to warp. This will affect the appearance and durability of your furniture. Moving your furniture during a blizzard is not a good idea. Furniture should be stored in an area that is dry. Furniture stored out in the open or wet weather is at risk of being damaged by the snow and rain.

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Do not try to move the furniture during the middle of the day. This is because the heat of the sun can damage the fragile wood on your furniture. Wait until the evening for the movers to take the furniture down for the night. This will also give the local movers time to properly dry the furniture. Before storing your heavy furniture for the night, let it dry out completely.

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Ask for recommendations from local movers before attempting to move heavy furniture on your own. If you do it poorly, you could damage the furniture beyond repair. Instead, hire professional movers from the start.

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When you are done with moving, you need to label every inch of your furniture. This will help the movers find your furniture if they transport it to a new home. Make sure that all boxes and furniture have clearly marked edges so that the movers know where to put everything. In addition, label the boxes and furniture so that they do not get mixed up when they get to their new home. And, last but not least, ask your local movers to put a fresh label on the furniture when it is delivered to your house.