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Hay Flat Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are the focal point of any billiard or pool-playing establishment. They add a level of fun and competition to the game that just cannot be beat. Unfortunately, they are also extremely hard to move. In this article, we’ll give you some helpful advice on moving a pool table and why it’s such a hard job to perform.

o Moving a pool table moving requires a fair amount of skill. Pool halls are essentially constructed of either plastic or metal and these can take quite a bit of force to move. The tables usually are some of the heaviest things in any house, actually weighing more than regular couches. Just think about couches – if one was to collapse, would you be able to get out without hurting yourself? Unfortunately, you can’t move couches – the same applies for pool halls.

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o Many of these tables have rails that run along their length and base. These “rails” are actually attached to the table by “torsion”. When moving pool table quickly, it’s best to have at least two people working in tandem, one to lift and the other to lower the table. For those who want to learn how to move a pool table quickly, here’s a tip: many billiard halls have smaller models that come with disassembled rails, allowing players to disassemble the whole unit and then reassemble it.

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o Another difficult task comes when trying to disassemble the table: the springs tend to be rather large. These large and powerful springs can rip through your fingers (and will likely lead to a painful pinched nerve) if you’re not careful. Fortunately, many billiard tables come with a “retsicle” spring; these are tiny springs that enable the table to move back and forth on its rail without ripping the fingers. Unfortunately, these springs are also extremely expensive and can be quite difficult to find. When moving pool tables, make sure the person helping you know the value of these important springs.

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o If the table is in good, working order, there is one more step in terms of disassembling. First, remove all the slates from the base and the felt covering the holes. The felt will either be held in place by “webbing” or “pegs” or it will be simply fluffed up and discarded. Now, as soon as you can, remove the felt from the bottom of your new home and set it aside. Once the felt is gone, you can either shred it with a pair of scissors or simply leave it alone, because it’s too big a job for just one person to handle. Once the old felt is gone, the only remaining task in removing the new one is to set it aside.

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o If you have two or more pool tables, you should remove them and take each one out of its packaging. Take the slate that covers the felt and make sure it is loose enough to lift and remove the staples. Then, using a utility knife, cut strips of old felt to fit under each stapler hole. Use scissors or a knife to trim any excess felt, and then take all of that leftover felt and secure it to the underside of your new base. If you want to save yourself some time, you can tape down the edges of your feet, but if you want to keep your new table looking nice, you can leave it loose.

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o The last, but certainly not the least important step in getting your billiard table ready to move is to make sure you have the proper billiard balls. You can’t move a billiard table with bad balls…and you can’t move it if you can’t find the correct billiard balls to go with it! So, once you’ve gathered your equipment, find the appropriate balls to go with your table and get them together. Then you’re ready to move!

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Moving a billiard table isn’t much of a chore when you follow these steps-in fact, it’s a lot easier than you think! With so many different billiard supplies and tools at your disposal, it will be easy for you to complete this task without wasting a minute. And, best of all, you’ll wind up with a beautiful table and a clean billiard room that’re ready to pick up everyone’s playtime.