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If you have a piano sitting in your family’s basement, or if you want to take your piano on a cross country journey, you might think about moving it. While it is entirely possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommended that you hire professional piano movers. For an object as important and precious as this, it is better to leave it in the hands of the experts. It s simple to locate a local moving company which offers piano moving services at very reasonable rates, and most can also include piano moving into the complete family move. Piano movers will make all arrangements for the safe-keeping of your instrument during the move.

Moving a piano long distance is no easy task, even for skilled movers, so it is worth investing in long distance moving companies who specialize in moving pianos. The charges vary according to how long the move will last, so it makes sense to get price quotes from at least three moving companies before deciding on who to hire for the job. Local movers may be too busy to do a quality job, especially if they have large families to tend to, and they might not be aware of all the requirements required for moving a piano across state or country. Long distance moving companies, on the other hand, have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform the task successfully.

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Local movers will charge you less because they use local methods for transporting pianos, such as flatbed trailers, trucks with attached solid trailers, or unpacked cars. They generally insure the pianos at the same time as the items they are to be moved, although this is not always the case, and the insurance coverage is not automatic. However, if the mover carries good insurance coverage, the local movers’ insurance company should cover the expense of transporting your piano if there is an accident while in their custody.

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Moving a piano over state lines requires special rules. States that are not strictly connected to each other require stricter measures, since they are more likely to have different laws in force. In addition, there may be local restrictions on the size and weight of cargo that can be transported, limitations on how the items are loaded, the amount of insurance coverage that can be requested and any other regulations specific to the area in which the move is to take place. For these reasons, it pays to check with your local movers about the laws governing the transportation of pianos in the area in which you are moving to, and then ask whether they are able to comply with those laws.

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A professional moving service will also take into account the physical chKnottges involved in moving a vertical piano around. One popular method for accomplishing this feat is using ramps and dollies. Ramps are a great way to move the piano up and out of the way of the movers, while also allowing the movers to keep the top sheet of the piano completely intact. If the movers are moving the piano by lifting it with a rope, the rope must be able to hold the weight of the piano and the weight of the furniture if the piano is leaning on the movers’ truck.

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The dollies, meanwhile, allow the pianos to be tilted at an angle so that they are more easily lifted into the vehicle. When vertical piano is being moved, the mover must be sure to provide the proper support for the instrument, since failure to do so could cause serious injury. Most upright pianos are held up by nuts and bolts, while many Upright types are held down by screws. The type of support provided depends on the model in question, and the type of mover hired.

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If you have grand pianos, you might find that moving them requires even more specialized equipment. The moving instruments are often heavy and laden with plywood, which must be slid along securely on a dolly. Then, the plywood must be slid into place over a frame, which is secured by ties or other forms of mounting hardware. Uprights are also mounted on dollies, but generally their legs are left out to prevent damage. Finally, the instrument is set into the vehicle, which has been maneuverable by a crane. Grand pianos can weigh several hundred pounds.

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Other types of pianos are easier to move than are grand pianos. For example, horizontal models can be rolled on a dolly. The same can be said for upright models. However, regardless of the make or model, a professional moving job involves careful coordination with all of the equipment involved, which is why professional moving companies employ movers instead of individuals.