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Lamesa Commercial Movers

The process of commercial moving can be intimidating for many business owners. However, with some basic preparation, your move to a new office space or facility can go smoothly and successfully. Here are some steps to take to ensure your move to a new office location goes as smoothly as possible.

Step One: Set Your Goals. The first step on your road to smooth business relocating is to set out your goals. What are your main objectives? You will have to have a clearly defined idea of what is driving you to relocate, so as to move to a new location and be successful in a new global economy.

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Step Two: Create Your Relocation Plan. Creating your relocation plan will help you manage the complexity of moving across international borders. It will also help you define your role in the relocation. Are you a primary provider, or are you just an observer or partner? Will you be the primary mover, or will other employees be involved in the move? Your relocation plan will help you outline the tasks and responsibilities that you will assume in moving your company to a new location.

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Step Three: Prepare for Specifics. In every international move, specific details must be prepared for your company. Starting with the list of people who will be affected by relocating, including your management staff, supervisors, department head(s), and employees, you will need to prepare specific documents for each employee. For example, if you are moving your company’s headquarters to Dublin, Ireland, you will need a Business Summary, Application Guide for Ireland, Irish VAT registration number, and related documentation for the country of Ireland.

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Step Four: Assess the Costs. Moving small businesses can be particularly costly, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. You can work with your current company resources to assess the moving costs for your business, or get estimates from moving companies to help you make realistic estimates based on your physical location, industry size, and level of service provided.

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Step Five: Get a Relocation Master Contract. Similar to hiring a legal representative during the move, business owners should seek the assistance of a relocation master contract to protect their interests. A master contract establishes the terms of your move to a new office and ensures that nothing in your contract restricts your ability to use or access the facilities at your new location. Additionally, this document helps to define your responsibilities to your new employer, such as providing your company with a copy of the signed employment agreement.

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Step Six: Hire a Relocation Manager. If you need help with the actual relocation process, then consider hiring a relocation manager. This professional will assist in everything from packing materials to getting your trucks to your new location. If you plan to hire an employee, ask whether they are willing to handle any aspects of your move such as getting security clearance from the new hires. Relocation managers can be especially useful if you expect to hire several new employees or if you expect your employees to perform various tasks once in the new office.

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Step Seven: Keep In Touch. Once you’ve decided to move, keep in touch with your employees and your new office. Schedule meetings with all of your relocating employees to plan upcoming events, like parties and visits. Make sure your employees know the primary phone number to contact for any concerns or questions, as well as instructions for filing paperwork for your new location.