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Lamesa Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub can be very complex and time consuming, that’s why most people will opt to do it on their own. Doing so requires a lot of common sense, a reliable set of moving plans, and most importantly some skill. Hot tub moving involves a lot of common sense and a few mechanical skills. So, if you plan on moving your hot tub on your own, here are a few helpful tips that you might find useful. These tips will help you save time and money.

The first tip to consider is to have the necessary equipment and materials ready before beginning to move the spa dolly. The most important equipment needed for moving a spa dolly includes at least one trailer and one dolly. If you’re considering using a cheaper alternative to a trailer, you must be sure that it is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the spa dolly with the entire boat inside of it. If your plan is to transport both the spa and the dolly separately, a strong trailer is also required to keep the boat safe. Some moving companies would even recommend that you purchase a double axle trailer since you’ll be using it to transport both the dolly and the spa at the same time.

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Before beginning the actual hot tub moving process, it is important that you secure the deck and the base. Most hot tub movers will provide a free deck consultation where they can assess the deck and the foundation for any possible safety hazards. If you plan on using a non-permanent deck, then it is recommended that you secure the base and the foundation as well to prevent any kind of accident when loading and unloading your boat. If you’re planning on using a permanent deck, then you can always call your moving company ahead of time to ensure that the deck will be properly supported and that nothing will come loose while in transit.

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Once the deck has been secured, the movers will need to move the spa from the deck to the ground level. This means that the entire load, including the spa, needs to be lifted onto the platform. For larger spa platforms, it is usually necessary to provide strong support beams in order to lift the entire spa. For smaller hot tubs, this will just mean using the platform as is.

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The platform needs to be leveled and the lift needs to be able to tip the spa at least ten inches towards the ground. In order to tip the spa, the strongest hot tub movers will use a hydraulic device that helps lift the entire platform to the right height. Some people like to tilt the spa so that they can move around in it and get a better view. Whichever way you want to move it, the best moving company will know how to move it with the greatest ease and safety.

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If there are stairs leading up to the spa from the deck, the moving company will need to find some way to lift the entire staircase. In most cases, the stair lift will need to be hoisted or put into place on the stairs. It is very common for movers to charge extra for using stairs to move a large appliance such as this.

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Other appliances such as washing machines and dryers may not require as much lifting equipment in order to be moved. The type of appliance and the weight will determine how many employees can be employed at one time. The cost per hour that companies charge will also be affected by how many stairs have to be carried to carry them up and down. It is very common for movers to charge hourly. If there is only one set of stairs to lift, the movers may try to cut costs by charging the lowest hourly rate. They may not be able to do as good of a job because they are understaffed.

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To save money when it comes to hiring a hot tub moving company, make sure that the workers have proper insurance. Many people who live in areas where hurricanes may occur will purchase homeowners insurance. Others will choose to carry their own insurance. Regardless, the movers will be insured and this will cover any damage that occurs during the move. This includes breaking or dislodging anything that the household owns.