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Lamesa Piano Movers

When you are planning to move your piano, there are a few things you need to know. Long distance piano movers can help you move it safely and easily. If you have a grand piano that weighs over 5lbs, local movers can move it with ease. They are specially trained and equipped to move any kind of weight, even the largest upright piano.

If you are moving your piano from one location to another, one of the main concerns is its safety. There are certain obstacles that you should avoid, and there are some limitations to the size and weight of your equipment. Local piano moving companies are fully equipped to deal with any obstacles that you may come up against, and they will take care of the rest. Whether you are moving your upright or a console piano, long doors and staircases are places you should avoid. For both types, long doors and staircases can be difficult to maneuver up stairs and can pose potential danger if you accidentally get stuck.

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Local movers also offer security and safety service to their clients. Professional movers understand how important it is to provide the proper security measures when transporting your instrument. Most local movers have special methods of securing your instrument so that it is protected while it is being moved. The most common precautions include placement of large plexiglass panels on both sides of the door, hard sides being placed in front of the door, and extra padding or cushioning placed under the instrument.

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The cost of local piano moving is determined by the size and weight of the instrument, the distance the instrument needs to be moved, and the total moving cost. Local movers will quote you an average price based on these factors. If you are moving your instrument more than a few miles, it may be worthwhile to contact several local movers to get an idea of what the average cost would be. You may even want to inquire about moving companies that charge by the mile.

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Some flat rate movers quote you a flat rate regardless of how long it takes to move your piano. This can be helpful if you know you will need to bring your instrument in a vehicle during the move and if your piano will not be too heavy. Otherwise, a flat rate may not be applicable. Some flat rate piano moving companies charge an hourly rate. For many local movers, the hourly rate is usually one of the most affordable ways to move your piano.

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Moving a piano is a big job and it is better to be prepared. You should know the average cost of moving pianos in your area and get estimates from at least three local piano movers. Get at least three estimates and compare them. A moving company might quote you a flat moving cost but end up using more weight than what your piano is worth. You don’t want to end up with more costs than what you bargained for.

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Piano moving experts will give you advice on how to reduce the overall costs of the move itself. Many movers offer services such as free piano tuning or rent-a-truck services during the move. It might be wise to ask about these options before the move. Some experts can arrange for both services to be provided for you. Others can provide you with these services for a fee. If they have tie-ups with other companies like movers, they might be able to provide you with similar services for less.

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If you live in an area where long-distance moves are common, consider hiring a moving company that offers this service. Even if it doesn’t happen often, moving your upright piano is always expensive. It’s especially costly if the move is long distance. Hiring movers will save you money in the long-run and lessen the damage that the move could cause to your instrument.