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Lamesa Pool Table Moving

Moving your pool table can be an expensive undertaking, not to mention a little tricky. There are many steps involved, and more every time you make a mistake. It can take up lots of your hard work and time, so sometimes it would be best to just call professionals for assistance. In this short article, we’ll give you some useful tips for pool table moving and why it’s such a hard job to accomplish. Knowing how to move a pool table

The first piece of advice we have for you when it comes to pool table moving is to know exactly how much weight each piece can support. Moving your tables isn’t an easy feat! Tables can support up to a maximum of 1,000 pounds total weight, but they can actually collapse under their own weight if they aren’t properly supported. Make sure you know how much weight each of your legs can hold before considering moving your tables. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, because if you have to replace them you won’t have to pay for the entire moving bill!

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Moving a pool table doesn’t have to be a hard task. All you need is a good moving company, the right equipment, and a little preparation. First, remember that pool tables are extremely delicate pieces of furniture, and so they need utmost care when moving them from one location to another. If you decide to hire a moving company, make sure you hire one that uses state-of-the-art moving equipment. While you should expect the moving company to use truck mounted moving gear, you should also ensure they use sturdy wheeled rolling equipment.

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Before your moving company arrives to take custody of your pool tables, make sure they give you a checklist of what needs to be done. On the checklist should be items such as leveling the table, cleaning and lubricating the moving parts, and securing the deck edges. Make sure these tasks are completed before your movers show up. You’ll want to review the checklist once your movers arrive, and again before they leave. This way you can double check things that were forgotten, or that you weren’t able to complete on your own.

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Once all of these tasks are complete, your moving company will pack up your pool tables, and you will be given an area where you can assemble them together after the movers leave. Just like with any large or awkward furniture move, the longer you leave things the harder it will be to get everything back together. The assembled tables should be fairly lightweight, and depending on the manufacturer should fit easily into a small room.

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If possible, you’ll want to make sure you have a few people helping you with this move. If you have two to three people, it will be easier to spread out the work, and use each of your mover’s for a different part of the process. Ideally, each of your moving companies will know the ins and outs of every step and will be able to do them quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, you could have unevenly distributed work forces. For an even more efficient move, divide up the work among several movers, instead of hiring a single moving company to handle the entire load.

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Once your movers arrive at your home, one of them should ask you for a few things, such as a list of possessions that need to be moved, a copy of your homeowner’s policy, and a copy of your license. You will also need to have their business number and phone number, and provide them with a short list of items that need to be separated, as well. If you have a security deposit, this information should also be provided. You will most likely have to sign some forms before they begin, however. Pool table movers will often offer you a free quote on moving day, and you should take their advice. They will know the best professionals in your area to use and will be able to give you a fair idea of how much the total is going to be.

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As soon as the movers arrive, you can open up the boxes, unpack them, and set them up. Then, once everyone has gone home, you can call your moving company and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’re moving your favorite pool table back together again. There’s no need to dread the task, though. All of the work can be done in one night, and all of it can be done by a trusted professional. The only thing left to do is enjoy the move!