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“We have been one of the nation’s best moving service providers for for 12 years. For over 12 years we have served the most prestigious businesses in the Lenorah region. We have helped many Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Technology Companies, Fashion Houses and Media conglomerate with their temporary as well as permanent moving needs. Whether its a small or large office move, we strive to always exceed our customers expectations. Whether its a simple office move or complex commercial moving, we are able to create a custom solution that meets your every need.”

With our well-trained movers, commercial furniture or office furniture, we are able to move all of your belongings to a new commercial property/office location without causing damage to your personal property. This includes furniture such as office chairs, desks, filing cabinets, computers, printers, faxes, or any electronics. If you are in need of relocating your entire commercial business equipment or you are moving your office out of state, we will transport all of your commercial moving equipment to the new commercial property/office location. Some of the common items that we transport are:

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Furniture Commercial movers offer commercial moving services that include the transportation of commercial furniture. You can choose to move all of your commercial furniture at one time or you can split the move up into different phases. In order to determine what option is right for you, it is important to contact a commercial moving company at the beginning of your move. At the beginning of the process we will assess your needs and discuss what phase we should start with. After our assessment is complete, we will discuss pricing for your move. We strive to offer the best service possible to all our customers.

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Packaging and Envelope Professional commercial moving services include the transportation of all packing and envelope materials. We use professional commercial moving boxes and packing supplies to pack all of your items. The goal is to move your belongings in a timely manner and to pack them so they are secure from the beginning to the end. Once your belongings are transported and received at the new home, we will assist in the removal and loading of your items. We will assist you in loading and unloading trucks to ensure that all of your items are properly loaded and are securely placed in their proper place when you arrive at your new home or work location.

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Furnishings Your commercial moving company will transport your furnishings to your new office or business location. This will include all of your furniture, Texas, and tableware. In some cases we can also move your office equipment such as printers and computers. Many companies provide storage and secure storage options for your important office furnishings while you move to a new location.

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Business Telephone Systems Our relocation services includes all aspects of the corporate relocation process including installation of your new phone system. We will install the new phones in your workplace and ensure that they are connected to the Internet. Along with the installation of the new phones, we will provide all of the necessary wiring and other equipment to connect your phones to the Internet. Once the phones are connected and working, we will provide full Internet access to your staff for their own personal use. This is an important part of making the corporate relocation process run smoothly.

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Payroll This process is one of the most important parts of any business relocation. Proper payroll preparation is vital to the success of your move. This is a time where proper communication with your employees is vital. In order to minimize confusion and to ensure accuracy, we pay your employees on time.

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Making Relocation Easy Although we would love to take all of the responsibility for the move ourselves, we realize that it is not always possible. Therefore, we always recommend that you have a professional moving company to complete the packing and relocating process for you. The professionals know exactly how to pack everything, where to find anything that you need, and how to make the move run smoothly by getting your new office up and running in no time at all.