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Lenorah Furniture Movers

Furniture moving is one of the most chLenorahging moving tasks you will ever have to do in your life. Not only because the moving pieces are so big and heavy, but also because there are many things involved in moving them. All the equipment needs to be properly transported and managed, and the proper documentation needs to be collected and properly signed before everything can even get started. This article will help you learn some Furniture Moving Tips that will make the entire moving experience a success.

Furniture Moving Tips: Furniture sliders are an excellent way to easily move furniture downstairs. Licensed and insured moving companies that use furniture sliders employ fully trained staff proficient at every step of the moving procedure. From disassembling large beds and other oversized heavy items to transporting and padding them, to actually pushing and pulling the piece across the floor, they sure ensure that your bed, dresser, sofa, loveseat, and other large furniture pieces make it down the stairs in one piece. When hiring a professional mover, ask if they use furniture gliders on all their moving jobs. The cost is very affordable, and the gliders ensure that the piece is safely gliding down the stairs.

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Furniture Moving Tips: If you’re moving furniture by lifting and dragging it, be sure that you wear protective gear. A good quality heavy duty hat and gloves will protect you from sharp edges and bumpers on heavy moving blankets. It is also a good idea to use a friend or two to help you lift and carry items while wearing thick shoes to protect your feet. Heavy duty workers have the experience and strength to move furniture without breaking a sweat.

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Furniture Moving Tips: Moving truck sizes vary; so do the items you need to move. Make sure you know the exact measurements of each object inside the truck before beginning the move. This will ensure that the truck can accommodate everything safely and securely. There are several sizes of moving truck available from standard trailer trucks to mini and small vans. Furniture movers can offer you several truck sizes that you may require based on the items you are moving.

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Furniture Moving Tips: To guarantee safety, hire movers who have extensive experience. Furniture moving companies should have at least two employees who have experience moving one item at a time, in all directions. Ask if any of the employees have a license, insurance and bonding. Also, ask the mover for a list of relatives and friends whom they have successfully transported furniture within the past few days.

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Furniture Moving Tips: You may be Lenorahd to know that moving some appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators is not easy. This is because these appliances are heavy and need strong support. Some types of appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, ovens and moving walls must be carefully dismantled and transported using heavy furniture sliders or dollies. The dollies can be slid under the appliances using special brackets provided by the furniture moving company. Furniture movers may also provide the necessary equipment such as cable tie downs for securing the appliances.

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Furniture Moving Tips: A common mistake by many individuals is that they hire only one person to move their appliances, leaving the other members of the family in the home to tend to other family members. This results in an imbalance in weight. For instance, if an appliance is twice as heavy as another piece of furniture, it will make the entire move frustrating, tiring and difficult. Instead, hire several people to do the furniture moving. All members of the family can lift the heavy appliances, while the others pick up lighter pieces.

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In conclusion, hiring professionals to do the move furniture is beneficial. It saves on time and provides high quality furniture sliders and dollies which protect your valuable appliances from damage. Remember to weigh your options before hiring a professional company. After all, you don’t want to lose money by trying to move your valuable household appliances by yourself!