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Lenorah Mattress Moving

Often, the last thing on the minds when moving is mattress moving, how to move a mattress, wrapping the bulky old bed in blankets, arranging the pillows and boxes, cradling it to ensure maximum safety and set up to a moving truck. But moving a mattress to your new home does not have to be cumbersome and stressful. Here, discover tips on how to move a mattress safely and easily and the best way to move a mattress to a new place. First, let’s take a look at what is involved in mattress moving. This involves some heavy duty machinery such as rollers, conveyor belts, hydraulic presses, and more.

Mattress Moving – How to Make it Easy and Stress Free Mattress moves is very common in homes from all over the world. Moving a mattress is not a big job but it can be a very tedious one if not done properly. There are many companies who specialize in moving mattresses that often have their own equipment which allows them to move large mattresses without the assistance of others. Companies like Stearns and Foster, West Texas Master Movers LLC, Garaventa, S.H. Movers, and Super Easy Movers have their own equipment so you don’t have to worry about learning how to move a mattress by yourself.

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Most mattresses consist of a spring base, two or three coils of foam, a cover that includes foam, seam, underlayment, padding, and various other components. Mattress Moving Companies will come and disassembles your mattress, remove all of the parts, and put it together again, putting it back into shape like a new one. Mattress straps are used to lift the mattress from the floor, securing it to the bed frame. Mattress moving companies will also use underlayment, padding, and straps on your old mattress to insure that it is completely safe and secure.

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Mattress Moving – Why Use Specialized Equipment? Many mattress movers will make use of specialized moving straps, ratchet straps, dolly wheels, and more. Specialized moving straps are used when the mattress being moved has springs, or weight too much for the regular moving straps.

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When you decide to look into mattress moving companies, ask how they do it. How many trucks do they use to transport your mattress to the new home? Are they insured? If not, will they come and move it on your behalf, or will you need to do it? These are important questions that you need to know the answers to before entrusting your belongings and your bedding to the hands of another.

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Ask the Movers to Carry Mattress You can find professional movers who offer full service moving mattress to a new home. Some movers will simply pack and load your things, while others will also transport, store, and even move a mattress for you. You can find companies that charge by the hour, per truck, or per mile. Before hiring a mattress moving company, make sure you understand exactly what services they will provide. They should quote all prices upfront to give you a fair idea of the price.

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The size of your mattress will determine how many trucks you will need. Your folded mattress is going to weigh at least 8 pounds, so you should allow for this weight in your calculations. One way you can determine the size of the mattress is to keep a folded mattress in the back of a pickup truck for six months. The mattresses should be completely dry and completely empty. It may take several trips to calculate exactly how many inches your folded mattress will be when transported to your new home.

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Don’t forget that a mattress could be completely smashed during the move. A small puncture could ruin your memory foam, for example. So remember that the smaller your mattress, the easier it will be for movers to move. And don’t underestimate how much the mattress could change in its actual shape once it’s been moved.