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Although it is quite possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommended in most cases, it is best to hire local piano movers. For an object as valuable and complex as this, it is best to leave it in the hands of the pros. It is simple to locate a local moving company that offers local piano moving services at reasonable prices, and most can even include piano moving into the complete family move. What is local piano moving? It simply means moving the piano within the city limits of the specific piano mover, whether that be for one week or thirty days.

Local movers offer their own equipment and use professional moving containers in order to move pianos from place to place with ease and safety. Local moving companies are also experienced with loading and unloading all types of pianos, as well as providing professional piano handling, storage and transport services. Not only are these types of moving companies experienced in moving pianos, but they also offer moving accessories such as piano benches, piano dollies and piano doors, among others.

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Local movers also provide additional costs on top of their basic moving services. Additional costs can include things like packing up the piano in its shipping container, which could include the lid, strings and other pieces of the instrument. They will also include putting the piano under the sun to keep it from getting damaged, as well as providing temporary insurance coverage for your moving piano. This gives you piece of mind that your moving piano is protected against any additional costs incurred during the process.

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In addition to the standard local piano moving service, some movers specialize in moving pianos or instruments in other ways. For instance, some specialize in moving large, antique instruments. Others specialize in moving delicate instruments, like cello. Still others specialize in moving pianos and other musical instruments from one location to another. Whatever the type of move you need to make, whether it’s moving a piano across town or across country, movers can take care of the job efficiently and securely.

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Movers that specialize in moving your piano long distance will employ special techniques for moving your instrument. Many experts recommend using a professional moving company, even if you’re just relocating your piano short distances. If you’re looking into moving your grand piano long distance, consider hiring professionals to transport and unload your instrument. Professional movers use special moving equipment for long distance moves like heat-treated crating. They’re also familiar with the ins and outs of all the logistics involved with moving an instrument – they’re not new to it, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything getting broken, missing or damaged in the process.

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Heat-treated crating is a highly specialized type of piano box, which is used to protect your piano during transportation. One of the most important elements of crating is how secure the box is. The larger and heavier the piano, the more boxes and blankets are needed. For lightweight pianos, consider buying small blankets rather than huge, bulky ones. Wrapping your piano over these blankets provides much-needed protection and makes the entire move easy and stress-free.

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You can also save time and money by making your move as easy and painless by using a dolly. A dolly is a flat bed with wheels underneath so that the piano can be rolled directly onto the dolly. You’ll need to rent a dolly, of course, but remember to reserve several days beforehand so that movers can pre-arrange the dates with the apartment complex or gallery where your piano will be housed. A dolly makes the perfect tool for easily moving your piano onto the crating.

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The last way that you can get your upright piano into your new home safely and quickly is to rent a truck and trailer. Most moving companies will rent a truck and trailer for less than moving it yourself, so check around. Remember, though, to select the best company based on how fast they move your instrument and cost. Also, remember that moving an upright piano requires more skill than moving a larger piano because the piano is heavier.