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Moving the piano can be an expensive task. Local piano movers will provide expert moving services at affordable prices. Many moving companies also have the option to use tractor tires to move pianos. It is wise to compare prices of local movers. Find out how to move a piano across state lines.

How Long Do I Have? Most piano moving companies will offer you a free estimate, in person, up to 7 days, to the closest interstate point. Local movers will also offer an up to date price quote, within just a few days. Your piano moving price depends on many factors including the size, location, and size/shape of your piano, and when you place your order. If your instrument is extremely heavy or large you may be charged more.

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What is a Piano Moving Company Dolly? A piano moving company dolly is a portable, semi-erect structure, made of strong but lightweight materials. The dolly is fitted with padded, fully padded soft pads. It has a tilting mechanism that allows for easy access to any part of the instrument, from the floor. The dolly is supplied with detachable piano movers that enable it to be moved in any direction, as well as side to side.

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What Are the Costs of Piano Moving? Your local movers may bill you based on the miles driven, the weight and size of your instrument, the distance, etc. Many times the charge will include delivery and assembly at your new home. Contact a local piano moving company to discuss your moving costs.

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What is a Grand Piano? The most popular and common styles of upright and console pianos are the classically-designed, four-piano electric piano and the more affordable upright grand piano. Classically-designed pianos have their doors secured with nuts and bolts, making access for repairmen easier. Owing to this feature, they usually come complete with all necessary accessories. Unauthorized repairmen may damage your grand piano, or worse – cause it to fail prematurely.

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What is Crating? Crating is the technique of transferring an instrument in a professional way so that it is protected during moving services. Crating usually makes sense for pianos and other expensive instruments. For cheaper pieces, such as phones, guitars, or microwaves, there are other methods of packing. When an expensive piece is transported by crating, the crating company will protect it from outside impacts, ensuring that the piece is safe even while it is being moved long distances.

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Pads and Wheelsets: Many professional movers provide wheelchairs for transporting pianos and other large or heavy items. These wheelchairs have padded seats and sturdy legs. The padded seats can be tipped over on uneven ground, but if a dolly is used instead, the pad can be locked to the instrument, minimizing the chances of the pad being rolled away.

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Will my instrument run me more expenses when moving to a new house? The price of professional movers will depend on how long the instrument will be out of its previous owner’s possession. This depends mostly on the size, shape, and weight of the instrument. If you plan to keep your instrument in its original home for the time being, you can save some money by going to local moving outlets. Movers in general charge more when renting than when using a truck, trailer, or moving van. If your instrument is very heavy, consider renting a moving truck – at least initially.