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How to move an upright piano can be one of the most frustrating but important things you will ever have to do. Local Piano Moving Cost The price to transport a regular upright piano across town can range anywhere between $100 and $ 500. If you are relocating your piano to a different area, hiring a local piano moving company is definitely a good way to lower the anxiety and stress involved in transporting your piano from your current home. They know all the ins and outs of the local transportation systems so that your instrument will arrive in as smooth of a condition as possible.

Local Moving Companies in Long Distance Moving Companies Pricing If you are not moving a piano then there isn’t a whole lot to compare. However, when moving ordinary pianos from place to place many different moving companies charge differently. In addition to the price of the flat rate that most local piano moving companies charge, they also offer an hourly rate for moving pianos. Some local piano movers have very high hourly rates for moving pianos, some are low while others are mid-range. As you would imagine, the more expensive flat rate is usually reserved for moving pianos, and the mid-range hourly rates are usually reserved for moving pianos that are somewhat older and in good condition. Some of these moving companies also have a variety of different ways in which they bill you, so make sure you understand exactly what you are being charged for moving your instrument.

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What Is the Cost? You may have heard that piano movers charge whatever they like. While it is entirely up to you as to whether or not you want to pay the going rate, knowing the going rate is important because that means you can get an average price before you even sign up for the job. This allows you to budget accordingly.

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What is Humidity? When you are moving a piano or any other item that is not being moved on wheels, it is imperative that it is kept in the proper environment. If the environment is too hot or humid then it can be difficult for the item to move. The same applies to items that are placed on wood floors. A humid environment can also cause damage to your items including warping, swelling and mildew. Furniture that is placed in a humid environment may need additional protection from damage caused by moisture.

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Who Will Be Moving It? This is perhaps the most important question to ask of any piano mover. Make sure that the person who is helping you with the move has experience moving different types of items. They should also have extensive experience in moving homes as this will ensure that they are familiar with how long a move takes and how to speedily complete the process.

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What Is Your Space? Many movers will offer a free consultation to assess the size and shape of your space. There are many different sizes of pianos and it can be difficult knowing which one to move. Some piano movers specialize in moving entire grand pianos and it may be easier for you to find one that offers this service.

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Will You Be Moving Your Upright Piano? While most upright pianos are not very heavy, they are still large and can be difficult to move if the ground is not firm. For larger upright pianos you may need special equipment to help move them such as a dolly or crane. In order to protect your small upright piano, you should purchase a soft case that will prevent damage during the move.

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What Is The Distance To Travel Between States? It can be helpful to know how far a piano can be transported from point A to point B. Many piano movers will be happy to come to your home and give you an estimate based on the distance traveled. However, regardless of the distance traveled you will likely pay a little more to move it across the country. The most important thing to do is simply set a budget and work within it to limit yourself to how much you’ll spend.