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McCamey Mattress Moving

If you’re looking into hiring mattress moving companies, you should first understand how they work. A mattress moving box is one that stands behind its name, literally. It’s a long, large plastic box with a zipper to place your mattress in, securely.

Mattress straps are what keep your mattress from shifting about as you’re driving across the country. They can either be zipped shut, or you can use Velcro straps, and these work by sliding closed around the sides and bottom of the box. If this isn’t your first encounter with the word ‘mattress,’ you should already know that mattress straps are made of heavy-duty plastic and come in a variety of sizes; from twin, full, king, and queen. The most common size is a twin-sized and the more straps you have, the stronger your item will be, especially if you decide to use heavy-duty tape on all four corners.

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Most people who hire mattress moving services also hire removal vans. These vans come equipped with large flatbed mattresses and high quality bedding so you’ll need to provide your own items. When hiring movers, ask what materials are used for the beds. You don’t want to be stuck with something that’s not safe if you’re moving it across the country.

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When hiring a mattress moving company, make sure to look over the price. You want to ensure you get the absolute best deal and quality when moving your mattresses. Ask the movers, how old the mattresses are; if they state they are new, ask them how old they are and whether they were put through any wear and tear. Some companies will even offer warranties on their products; if this is the case, ask if the warranty applies to moving the mattress as well.

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You may also need to supply your own moving supplies. Depending on the distance you’re moving the mattresses, you may only need to pack boxes and/or tape. Many movers offer packing supplies such as mattress safe, tape measure, tape dispenser, boxes, and other supplies. If you plan on using heavy-duty tape, be sure to provide your own hangers.

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Some movers offer dollies when you move a mattress by yourself. If you rent a moving van, most movers have them as well. However, these are not always included with the service. In some cases, such as for large or oddly shaped mattresses, you may have to purchase your dollies separately.

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Before you begin to move a mattress by yourself, you need to be sure that you understand all of the moving and packing requirements of your contract. If the contract doesn’t specify anything, discuss it with the company you plan to use. Before you remove the bed, lay it flat on the ground on one side and then turn it over on its back. The weight should be evenly distributed so that there is no possibility of the mattress being damaged during transportation.

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If you are considering moving the mattresses yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a dolly for safety, as well as protection from damage during transportation. If you are already renting a moving house, many movers have equipment that is designed to handle large beds. It’s possible to get a great deal on a mattress if you shop around long enough.