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Midland County Hot Tub Moving

Moving a hot tub is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many things to consider including safety and budget. You may be moving your hot tub from one location to another, or perhaps across the country. Regardless, of where you’re moving it is best to consult a licensed professional mover to determine how to move a hot tub safely. Moving hot tubs by yourself can be extremely dangerous, so it’s best to have a professional moving company to move it for you. Moving hot tubs by yourself is also expensive.

The price of moving a hot tub by yourself range from around 200 to 400 dollars. When considering additional expenses added because of factors such as distance, height, labor required, the city you live in, all added together can easily bring those costs up of $1000 fast. Hiring movers cuts these costs in half. Moving a spa or hot tub yourself can be extremely dangerous, so it’s best to have a professional mover do it for you. Licensed movers will have experience moving spa and hot tubs and will know the best ways to move them safely and efficiently. The hot tub mover is trained to perform any necessary inspections along with removing the spa or hot tub completely from the home.

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There are many things that need to be considered when moving hot tubs. The first step is preparation. Preparing the entire area where the hot tub will be placed and surrounding area thoroughly is the first step in how to move a hot tub. Some important considerations to make before beginning the first step of how to move a hot tub include removing all furnishings and decorations from the rooms and yard space in which the hot tub will be placed. Once this step has been completed, a wooden deck, which is made of heavy duty decking materials can be laid across the yard to enclose the area.

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Once a wooden deck is present, steps must be taken to remove the spa completely from its foundation, if possible. In some cases, a portable spa stand can be used to save the structure from damage during transportation. The portable spa stand is constructed of heavy duty metal and designed to withstand tremendous pressure. This portable structure is a good choice of how to move a hot tub because it will not require the services of a professional hot tub mover. Once the spa is removed from the deck, it will need to be secured. The most cost effective solution for securing a spa is using a steel clamp with which a sturdy cable can be connected to the bottom of the spa.

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Next, in how to move a hot tub without a professional moving company, the structure will need to be disassembled. All of the pipes and jets will need to be removed in order to properly drain off all of the water and debris that were present when the spa was installed. All of the electrical wiring will also need to be removed in order to prepare the new home for the installation of a new heating and cooling system. Moving companies will usually offer a comprehensive disassembly package. This includes tools, materials and the equipment needed to move the spa into the new home.

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The next step in how to move a hot tub without a professional hot tub moving company is preparing the structure for disassembly. In most cases, this step involves removing the acrylic cover on the hot tub, which is attached by a hose to the rear of the mover’s vehicle. Once the cover is removed, it will be necessary to disassemble the hot tub, remove the vinyl top and drain tube, and remove the fiberglass shell. It is best to remove the shell entirely, because any remaining material may cause damage to the walls or flooring of the new home.

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There are several things to consider before choosing a moving hot tub moving company. One of those is whether or not the company will be charging you an extra fee to transport your spa. Moving companies do not typically charge extra fees for moving hot tubs; however, it is recommended that you inquire about the possibility. Moving companies that do not charge a fee are usually very reliable, and they will take care of every aspect of how to move your hot tub from one spot in your backyard to another.

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You can find moving companies in your area by searching online. Just be sure to choose a company that has experience with hot tubs and that can provide you with a comprehensive estimate for the job. You should also ask your friends and family for referrals when it comes time to find a good moving company. And remember to choose a company that will be honest with you about the costs of the job. If they try to cut corners or do not provide you with accurate information, get out of there as quickly as possible and look for a new moving company.