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Many people choose to move a piano from town to country. This is often referred to as long distance piano moving. Long distance piano movers provide professional moving services that include packing and loading the instrument, setting up at a local address and transporting it to the new home. Local movers generally provide local transportation for residential or commercial moves. However, long distance piano moving can be very expensive, depending on the type and size of the instrument and the distance traveled.

Long distance piano moving generally requires an experienced piano mover with specialized equipment and training to properly handle a moving machine as well as a skilled person for the task. Long distance piano moving generally costs more than a local move, since the moving truck must pay for gas as well as driver time and gasoline. In addition, when it comes to long distance moves, factors like bridge tolls, gate fees, and vehicle distance all add to your piano moving price. If you are moving a large upright piano, the cost can reach thousands of dollars. In addition, special equipment and training are required to disassemble and reassemble the piano and to ensure the best safety precautions are followed.

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The choice of moving medium when moving a piano is determined by the type of piano as well as the distance being moved. If you are moving a small upright piano, a dolly with a foot pedal will be suitable. When the piano is larger, the choice of moving medium will be dictated by the type of equipment provided to you by the piano moving company. For instance, if you are moving a piano whose weight is moderate and whose cabinet height is not more than three feet, a dolly with four wheels will be most suitable.

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The cost of transportation will depend on how long you take to complete the task of transferring the instrument. It also depends on the distance the piano must be transported. In addition, some transportation companies offer discounts to customers who use them exclusively for the transportation of musical instruments. Additional charges may apply when the piano is being delivered to a new home as well as when the instrument is being repaired or refurbished. These charges are often figured into the quote you receive from a piano moving company.

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You should know that the type of climate you live in may affect your choice of moving medium. Moisture is a big concern for piano tuning because dampness will damage the tuning mechanism of the instrument. While transporting the instrument in an open vehicle, the moisture may get inside and cause damage to sensitive parts. Likewise, the high humidity outside may cause the moving medium to expand and contract unexpectedly. This can cause shavings to become dislodged in the soft wood.

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Piano movers generally use special dollies to transport pianos and upright pianos. The dollies must be the proper size to accommodate both the piano and the instrument. This means that the dollies must be wider than the edges of the instrument. This will protect the joints between the dollies that may get bumped and damaged during transport. Special hinges are used to prevent the dollies from becoming damaged while the instrument is being moved. The special hinges prevent the dollies from becoming loose in the process.

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Piano movers provide all the proper materials to properly place the instrument on the dollies for safe transportation. This includes special padding to protect the instrument from contact with the hard surface during transport. The padding helps prevent damage to the delicate joints. Special fittings are used to fasten the instrument safely to the dollies. A variety of fastening methods are used including rivets, straps, chains, and pads.

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Professional moving experts utilize state-of-the-art moving equipment to move your instrument safely and securely. They use heavy-duty dollies and special moving equipment to ensure that the instrument is securely in place and that all moving components are securely attached to the instrument. When a piano or any other fragile item is moving, it is important to remember that it can experience a great deal of damage during the move. It is therefore very important to consult with experienced moving professionals to ensure that you are moving your instrument in an efficient and safe manner. Piano movers provide the necessary protective gear to keep your instrument from damage during the move. This includes specially designed padded interlocking floor tiles that secure the instrument on each side of the dolly.