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Midland County Pool Table Moving

If you are planning to get a pool table for your home, you are most likely ready to make a decision. But before you make the final decision, you must decide on the type of pool table you want. Knowing how to move a pool table will help you choose the right moving company. Knowing the different types of pool tables will help you make an informed choice. You must decide if you want to purchase a new one or a used one. Moving companies can help you find the right one for you.

If you purchase a new pool table moving company will disassemble and assemble your table. On the other hand, licensed movers will disassemble and assemble your pool table after they have unpacked it from your home. They will disassemble the three-piece and put it together in the manner that it was when it came with your home. Upon arrival in your new location, the newly-assembled pool table will be installed exactly like it was when it came with your home.

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If you are looking to move your pool table to a new home, contact your local moving company. Find out how long it will take them to transport the table from your old home to your new home. Also ask about the costs of having this moving service use trucks. You do not want to end up with broken or damaged items once you transfer your table to your new home.

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Before you select your pool table movers, make sure that they provide a bonding and insurance policy. This will ensure that all items in their possession are insured and safe. The bonding policy is especially important if your items are going to be stored while they are being moved. Otherwise, you may end up with all of your hard earned belongings destroyed during the move.

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When the moving company arrives, take a minute to inspect the pool table. Check to see if there are any noticeable damage such as dents or cracks. It is also important to examine the quality of the playing surface. If the surface needs to be refinished after the move, let your moving company know this so they can provide you with a new set of playing surfaces to install in your house.

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If there are any pieces that you do not want to remove from your house, such as the table base and the draw square, carefully unzip the retaining tabs that hold the pieces in place on the table. Do not put the pieces in water as this will cause damage to the plastics surrounding the pieces. Once these pieces are fully removed from the retaining tabs, you will need to disassemble the pool table. Do not remove the cue ball until you are completely done with the disassembling process.

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The next step in how to move a pool table is to remove the slates that cover the balls. Place each slab on a piece of flat surface such as a piece of plywood. Carefully lift each slab off the base, starting from one end of the table to the other, and slide the slates toward the edges of the room. Be sure to pack all of the slates tightly so they will fit into the new home with no problems.

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Once all of the slates are safely transferred to the new home, place the entire billiard table together. Use heavy duty tape to protect the base of the billiard table, and then re-attach it to the wall. Follow the same steps as before, but make sure you pack all of the pieces tightly so that they will fit well when they are permanently installed in your new home. Then, enjoy the many hours of fun that you will have relocated your billiard table! Good luck!