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Midland Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly is often a time-consuming task. Furniture moving can also be a stressful time for families who need to move their homes to a different location or rearrange furniture. Before starting the process of moving your family’s furniture, make sure to research local movers in your area. Here are some simple steps on how to assemble or disassemble furniture.

Decide on the type of furniture assembly you are going to do: flat pack, assembly, or frame and plank. If you are opting for flat pack, then your main goal will be to pack up as much of the unit as possible while keeping as much intact as possible. It can be a daunting task depending on the size of your household, so plan accordingly. Make sure that each piece of furniture is properly labeled according to its size. If it is not, then your furniture assembler will know to proceed in a different direction.

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Depending on the type of furniture assembly you have decided to handle, the process will vary on how they will go about disassembling and putting together the pieces. For example, if you opted for a frame and plank assembly, then the process will begin to disassemble the entire frame piece by piece. Assemble each piece of wood according to its size. Once the frame is disassembled, the next step would be disassembling each piece of wood and putting them back together.

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There are a number of ways to complete this furniture assembly process. A lot of people make use of professional movers that will help them carry out the task in the most professional and timely manner possible. This is a very common method adopted by Wayfair furniture assemblers because it enables them to create a larger number of items in a shorter period of time. However, some people like to do things themselves and therefore there is also an option to disassemble all assembled items at one go and putting them together at the final destination. The choice is yours to make.

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Another thing that you need to know is that the average cost of each of these items is different depending on who you get it done for. The average cost for Wayfair furniture assemblers to complete the item is $35 per hour. You will have to factor in the transportation charges into this figure for the total labor cost. If you happen to choose the self-assembly route then expect to pay more, probably between one and two times the average cost of the item.

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Depending on whether you are doing the furniture assembly yourself or getting someone else to do it, there are many ways that you can go about completing the task. If you have the skill then you may decide to assemble the item from scratch. For those who don’t have the necessary skills, there are many companies out there that are able to source out the individual that needs to be assembled for a nominal fee depending on how complex it is. For complex items it can take up to four people to complete assembling depending on their expertise level.

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The flat rate that furniture assemblers charge is based on the hour. You can expect to pay an hourly rate of either $25 an hour for small items or anything in between. The majority of the items that you purchase need assembly therefore expect to pay a little more than the flat rate. It is really up to you on what you think is best for you.

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The overall cost of the project should always be factored in before making your final decision on who you want to hire. It doesn’t matter if you chose to go with local furnishing companies or online. Furniture assemblers charge whatever they like and you as the client must make the decision regarding what you want done. Always compare all options available to you. Some companies may be better than others.