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Midland Mattress Moving

Mattress moving may not be the most exciting task on a bedding move. Usually, the last thing to think about is how to move a mattress from one location to another. But, moving a mattress from your old house to your new place does not have to be difficult and time consuming. In fact, here, you can find some great tips to help make the move as simple and stress-free. So, let’s talk about some ways on how to move a mattress with West Texas Master Movers LLCs.

It is important that you pack all of your belongings carefully. Mattresses are large, bulky items, so you need to ensure that your things go together. You can pack your entire mattress, including pillows, box springs, blankets, sheets, electrical wiring, plastic mattress cover, etc. Along with the mattress bag, you will also need a large plastic mattress cover or other moving container to store the mattress. Box springs and blankets should be put at least two to three feet away from the mattress as they tend to get caught up in the moving machinery.

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The movers you choose should be able to break down the mattress and pack it into the appropriate plastic mattress cover according to the size of the moving house. If you have to move the entire mattress (which is usually the case), the mattress should be dismantled first. Then the mattress should be separated into numerous smaller pieces so that each piece can be stacked into the appropriate plastic container. Then the pieces should be placed on top of the other. If you have to move individual mattresses, you need to ensure that the movers have appropriately packed each piece so that there will be no problem in putting them back together later.

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When you are looking at moving companies to help you move a mattress, you will want to take several things into consideration. Make sure the company has been in business for at least five years and has more than five employees. You may want to call around and ask how many employees they have and what their average moving day and night are like. Moving day and night lengths are important because you do not want to be stuck in a motel the next day and back into your old home the following night.

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In addition, find out if the moving company charges extra for moving the mattress than it would for other types of moving services. Some mattress moving companies are willing to move the entire mattress for free, but this is usually an option that is offered to customers who already have another mattress to move. If you cannot afford to move your entire mattress, ask if the moving company will be willing to move the mattress to another space within your home. If you can afford it, this may be the best option to consider.

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It is also very important to understand how your mattress is packed when you move it. A good moving company will make sure all of your mattresses are properly covered in protective plastic bags. This will help protect your mattresses from dust, spills, liquids and pests while they are being moved. The bottom sheet of plastic bags that are used should also be sealed tightly to prevent shifting during transportation. This will protect your mattress from moisture that could cause mold to form or damages to your mattresses.

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You should also understand how your mattress is packed if you decide to move it by yourself. One method of mattress moving that many people choose is to use a flatbed semi trailer that has a bed inside. The mattress will be slid into the bed on top of the specially designed frame with rollers or casters. On most moving day, you will want to have someone to accompany you so that you are not carrying the entire mattress on your back or front. This is especially important if you need to leave the bed inside the truck overnight as it can be difficult for you to drive with a moving mattress on your back.

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One great product that can help move your mattresses easily is a stroller with padded seats and built-in handlebars. This will allow you to easily move the mattress from one location to another. There are also straps and harnesses available that secure the mattresses to a particular device without the need for your assistance. These specially designed straps and harnesses secure the mattresses to the bed while you transport them and ensure they are well protected throughout the move.