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If you have a piano in your home, there is a possibility that it will eventually need to move. Whether you have a grand or an upright, there are ways in which you can ensure that moving it is easy and affordable. There are companies available that specialize in piano moving. If you are looking for local movers, there are several tips on how to move a piano:

Determine flat rate. When you are looking for local piano moving services, find out the flat rate that the company is offering. This includes the cost of packing up the instrument, the flat rate if applicable, and whether or not a crane is needed. Long distance moving companies usually charge more because they must transport the instrument via an overhead crane.

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Decide if you want to use the professionals or do it yourself. While many people feel that they can get the job done, experience is necessary to move pianos safely and efficiently. Professionals in the moving industry have the skills and equipment needed to move pianos safely and securely. They also know where to place them so no damage occurs during the move.

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Find a professional piano mover. If you decide to move the instrument on your own, make sure that you are accompanied by someone who is trained in piano moving. You should also take with you a small cart or dolly to help you move the instrument to the new location. If you are using a professional moving service, there should be someone accompanying you to ensure the safe transportation and loading of your instrument.

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Determine the average cost of the piano moving cost. Average costs for moving pianos range from two to six dollars per pound. Larger instruments will cost more. The average cost of moving a piano depends on the type and material it is made of, its age, the distance it needs to be moved, the number of steps required, how big it is, where it is being moved to, how many instruments are involved, and where it is being packed.

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Determine the flat rate offered by moving companies. Many moving companies charge a flat rate for moving pianos, regardless of the size or weight. Some offer a flat rate that includes only the weight of the instrument. A flat rate allows you to plan ahead and know what expenses are included. Other moving companies charge a flat rate that includes the weight of the instrument, the distance it needs to be moved, and any extra materials that are needed. You can usually save money by choosing a flat rate when you plan ahead.

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Ask if the piano moving company will store the pianos for you. Some piano movers Monahans will hire you to remove your grand pianos and other expensive pieces of furniture. They will then take the instruments to their warehouse. Other piano moving companies will store your items at another location while you pack them in your truck. This can help you save space and time, and keep your costs down. If the movers will store your items for you, ask how long you will be kept waiting.

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Move the piano on your own two feet. You’ll need to break down the board into manageable pieces and place them on a piece of furniture or on a pallet in each room that needs to be moved. Make sure you break each board into three-inch pieces before you move them. You’ll also need to break the piano door in half so that you can fit all the pieces on the stairwell or hallway.